Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Awesome Upper Body Workout and Maximus Fun

Wow. This was a pleasant surprise. Certainly now that it's over. It was a shock while I was doing it. But this workout is a keeper. Can't wait to share it with J-Roc, TT Client of the Year. He's my #1 guinea pig, but I want YOU to try this out as well, and let me know what you think.

The KB-BW Upper Body Gauntlet

Pushup max – 90 seconds
Pull-up max – 60 seconds

1-Arm KB Press – 12, 3x5, 15  (use the same weight on final set as 1st set)
KB Swing – 5x20

DB CSR – 4x10
DB Press – 3x15

Pullup Drop Set
Close-Grip Pushups Drop Set

For the KB 1-Arm press, I did 12 with 35 pounds, then 3 heavy sets with 53 pounds, and then back to 35 pounds for the final set. The muscle potentiation from the heavier sets made the final set easier and allowed me to crank out more reps.

I was beat after that press and swings, but kept on trucking.

Including my 20 minute old-man warm-up (which is now getting very close to being full-on yoga), the workout was exactly 55 minutes.

No KBs? Use this instead for a great challenge
- http://www.turbulencetraining.com/bw400giftforyou

And here's some awesome feedback on the December TT Workout of the Month called "TT High Frequency Bodyweight Training"

***From DLove***

Since you asked, here is what I "was" thinking during the Punisher Squat Maximus on Day 2 ...

Round 1 - "hmmm, I'm expending a fair bit more exertion than I had planned for..."

Round 2 - "IT. BURNS."

Round 3 - "WT*??!! Who can do THIS...??!!!"

Round 4 - "My butt is almost on the floor in the hold position...and my quads think I set my timer for 30 minutes instead of 30 seconds!"

If I can be bold without being arrogant, I am in pretty good shape and my level of fitness is not something I usually question. But, the Punisher Squat Maximus humbled me.

Now, I must admit, I did "bastardize" the Ballantyne version of the workout circuit for exercises 1A through 1E as it is prescribed with a few of my own substitutions:

Instead of Jumping Jacks for 1A I did KB swings, because I have KB's available to me and I felt like it.

Instead of Close Stance Bodyweight Squats for 1B I did TRX Overhead Squats, because I wanted to work on my range of motion and support provided by the TRX allows me to do that.

Instead of Prisoner Reverse Lunges for 1D I did TRX Reverse Lunges, 30 seconds each leg. Hadn't done them in a while and I already had the TRX set-up for 1B, soooo...

Instead of decline pushups for 1E I did TRX Incline Chest Press/Decline Pushups, seemed like a natural transition from 1D and the right thing to do at the time

Dunno if it was these modifications that might have made the first part of the workout more tiring or not, so by the time I got to the Punisher Squat Maximus I was lower on muscle endurance than I should have been at that point, but whatever the reason it left my legs literally trembling. From what I saw on paper, I wasn't expecting that! It was a real, uh, "character builder"...

BTW, Day 1 was a great workout too.

If I experience any more "reality checks" from Workouts 3-5 I'll let ya' know.

Thanks again for exceeding expectations!

Ha, good times!

Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tip:
"Fill your life with positive expectations. Demand the best. Attitude and desire contribute to 90% of your achievement." – Kekich Credo #86…Drop the negatives. Hang around positive people. Live, love, and laugh with the right people. And most importantly, believe in – and expect more of – yourself. You can change - any time, any day.

Do what is right for YOU over the next few days.

And have a most wonderful time of the year,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT

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