Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2015 New Year's Message for You

You need to hear this. This is a big moment for you. It's your chance to wipe the slate clean and to have one of your greatest years ever. A chance for a FRESH start. 2015 starts now and I want to help you make the most of it.

Tonight, tomorrow, and frankly all of 2015 will bring temptations. So what are we to do? You need a little tough love to get you through...and I'm happy to give it to you because I care about you and your success. So here's the Tough Love you need to have your best year ever...

Make a plan, not excuses. Change your expectations & demand the best. Commit to making the right decisions. Squirm and struggle if you must to do what is best for you in the face of temptations. Have a plan with 2 solutions for every obstacle that the world will put in your way tonight, tomorrow, and for the rest of 2015.

Do what is right for YOU. And remember: The lasting legacy and rewards of staying true are greater than the fleeting benefits of giving in. Stay strong!

This is a BIG year coming up for you now...let's start it right. You can - and WILL - do it. Believe in yourself...because I believe in you, too.

Happy New Year, my dear friend!

Tomorrow...Part 2 of my New Year's message on how to make 2015 your best year ever. You'll get my free 3x3 System on how to kick-start your success in the first 21 days of 2015. Until then, stay safe.

Stay strong and push on,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS - Remember: It's not your fault...
...that you fell off the wagon over the holidays, or if you got sidetracked from your goals. It's okay. It happens to all of us. The most important thing you can do is get back on track now. Immediately. Not tomorrow. Right now.
The 2nd thing you must do is "Remove the Wrong to Make It Easier to Do the Right". Eliminate as many temptations from your daily routine as possible. Keep the TV off. Toss the junk food, trash the coupons for Domino's. Out of sight, out of mind. Get back on track right at this time.
2015 is going to be your year, let's start building momentum for it today. Never give up on what really matters to you. Take Action Today & Always.
The best way to do that is to get you started today in the free Turbulence Training 12-Week Transformation Contest. You can win $1000 just for losing weight and getting back in shape. And the contest is free. 

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