Tuesday, May 18, 2010

TT for Abs DVD

Jillian Michaels, the world-famous trainer on the Biggest Loser TV show once said...

"Craig Ballantyne has something called Turbulence Training, which would be perfect for you. And I guarantee you that in just 2 weeks that you'll notice a massive difference in your abs."

So get the workouts that Jillian guarantees by clicking here:

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See, even the world's most famous trainer knows that Turbulence Training is the best to help you get lean, sexy abs for summer.

And that's why I made the TT for Abs DVDs for you to follow along and do the workouts with me at home.

Don't miss your last chance to save over $135 off the regular price OR take advantage of your one and only chance to use the five investment plan to make the fat burning DVDs even more affordable.

You have my Canadian-strength guarantee that these will be the BEST home workout DVDs you have EVER tried.

Plus, you get the bonus DVD of me and Bally the Dog in my kitchen showing you the simplest nutrition program to help you lose belly fat.

But hurry, this sale ends at midnight on Wednesday night:

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Jillian and I guarantee your results,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS - Don't believe she said it?

Just listen to her here:

=> http://www.turbulencetraining.com/Jillian_Michaels.shtml

NOTE: She was incorrect about one thing that she said about me, as you'll see on that page.


Anonymous said...

Fun fact: What do coffee, canned tuna, and cottage cheese have in common?

Answer: Three foods that I've never, ever had, and never, ever will!

Why won't you consume those three things? Very interesting as No Salt Added Cottage Cheese offers an excellent amount of protein.

lost2030 said...

If you eat so little that your body goes into starvation mode, it will become increasingly difficult to lose weight. The longer you restrict food, and the fewer calories you consume, the more desperately it will hold on to the fat it has stored.

lost2030 said...

One key component that most people leave out of their weight loss plan is exercise. Most people know they should exercise, but they don't. They also don't know WHY it's so important to exercise