Sunday, April 18, 2010

Simple Nutrition for Fat Loss

Hope you had an amazing weekend.

I spent it with Bally the Dog driving all over the city looking for a new home in the Beaches or Leslieville areas of Toronto.

Both neighborhoods are perfect - dog friendly and a little offbeat and even slightly weird.

Now speaking of weird, I've been getting a lot of emails and Facebook questions about the craziest diets - many of which I had never heard
of before.

But eating for fat loss doesn't have to be confusing, crazy, or complex. In fact, I'm a big believer in Simple Nutrition.

Eat real, whole, natural food (which allows you lots of carbohydrates), and don't eat too much (eating too much is almost impossible on a whole, natural foods diet).

That is the BEST diet for fat loss. And yes, it really is that simple.

After all, it works for me...for proof, just check out the new photo of me above at these stats:

5'9", 180.5 pounds, 9-10% body fat - April 14, 2010

This Simple Nutrition fat loss diet is also good enough for GQ magazine...

What do I mean by that?

Well, if you haven't already heard, GQ magazine stole one of my photos and used it on page 66 of the April, 2010 issue (bottom left hand corner).

If I'm lean enough to be a "GQ model" (and yes, I AM adding that to my resume), then my Simple Nutrition program must be working, right?

So if you're sick & tired of confusing carb-restriction diet programs that leave you starving and still stuck with stubborn belly fat, then I have great news for you.

I've put together my complete nutrition program - and over 31 amazing blender drinks, smoothies, and post-workout shakes - into a special (and super cheap) nutrition package showing you how to eat a lot of carbs and still lose fat.

Plus, you'll get those blender drink, smoothie, and post-workout shake recipes to help you add fuel to your metabolism fire.

Here's my Simple Nutrition program that you've been asking for:

=> Simple Nutrition & Blender Drink Recipes

But be warned...this program is not...

- "low carb" or "obsessively high protein"
- confusing or complex or crazy
- restrictive (you'll actually be full & satisfied!)

Listen, I stay at 9-10% fat all year round while eating tons of carbs and loving every meal I eat - and I avoid all diets that are so restrictive it causes you to binge eat on weekends.

So not only will you get proven fat loss advice (my recommendations are backed by clinical scientific research) but this program will also take the stress out of eating.

It's so simple...even Bally the Dog uses most of the secrets in the plan to keep his six pack abs sharp (and yes, a vet really did once tell me that Bally the Dog has six pack abs). Funny, huh?

So get ready to discover...

- The Simple Nutrition Rules for fat loss
- The top 3 food myths that everyone gets wrong in their diet
- The 7-step detox diet plan (that doesn't require a zany detox diet)
- My grocery list and meal plan
- 43 blender drink, smoothie, and post-workout recipes

(NOTE: I'll be adding more recipes every couple of months, and I'll send you the updated recipe book for free every time I do!)

Time for another delicious and filling Simple Nutrition meal.

Have a totally amazing week,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Simple Nutrition

PS - If you are sick and tired of confusing and complex diets...

...then you need to stop the insanity and switch to the Simple Nutrition for Fat Loss System.

Your results are guaranteed by a 100% money back promise. And no matter what, you'll get to keep the recipes & you'll still get all of the future recipe updates.

PPS - Make sure you get the videos, too.
You'll get to see me and Bally in the kitchen...him eating and me being a total clutz.

PPPS - Stay tuned for some really cool free stuff this week...
...I have two free reports and some workout videos to share with you.


Anonymous said...

Hi Craig: You look great in that photo. Right now I am 5'8 and around 170, but pretty "smooth", though I can see my top 4 abs. I plan to do the next TT Trans Contest, and thought I might aim for your bodyweight with a drop in my body fat if possible (I know those are somewhat competing goals). A while back, you listed a typical day of eating (mini-wheats ring a bell), but I can't find the posting. Could you post something similar so I have an idea of what I should be aiming for as far as caloric intake goes? Also, which TT programs besides Meatheads do you recommend for lean mass gain?

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS said...

I think it is over at - search the nutrition category. As for programs, I'd recommend the TT2k3 and TT2k4 programs to start...they are in the original Turbulence Training program at