Sunday, November 15, 2009

Gain Muscle and Lose Fat with this TT workout

Here's one of my old workouts that will give you 3 supersets to to gain muscle and lose fat in jsut 30 minutes.

This workout is tailored for those looking to build muscle and boost their metabolism in a hurry. With classic dumbbell and barbell exercises, along with a couple of bodyweight exercises, one with a unique twist, this fusion workout is sure to keep you motivated and coming back for more.

Make sure you warm up with two sets of three to four bodyweight exercises in circuit-like fashion, including a 30 second rest in between. Once you've gotten that out of the way, you're ready to start your workout.

To begin, you'll pair dumbbell Presses with dumbbell Squats, or alternatively you can do barbell Chest Presses and Snatch Grip Deadlifts. Just be sure to use either of the presses and either of the lower body exercises in this superset.

For the flat chest press, simply lean back on the bench and press the DBs up and out and down and in.

Immediately following all your reps for the press, hold the DBs at your sides, push your hips back, while keeping your back flat, and then squat down and drive up.

For the barbell press, place your hands just inside of the rings and tuck your elbows into your sides as you lower the bar to your chest and then pushing the bar back up. With your hands slightly narrower and tucking your elbows in, you are effectively taking a lot of the stress off of your shoulder joint, and placing more stress on your shoulder muscles and tricep muscles.

Make sure that when you do deadlift, that you are using full sized plates, otherwise it requires you to go down further and most likely lose your form. In this exercise, you will place your hands outside of the main rings on the bar. Squat down and keep your back flat and chin up, bring the bar up while keeping the bar close to your body.

With the wide hand position, it will be a little more difficult for you to hold a lot of weight, so you won't be able to lift as much as you normally would, but it will also remove some of the risk of injury.

In the second superset of this muscle building workout you will pair dumbbell incline press with dumbbell rows.

Once you've completed all your reps for the incline press, then immediately go into the rows.

With your knee and hand on the bench, place the dumbbell in your other hand at arm's length below you. Next, with your back flat, row the DB up to your abdomen, squeezing you’re your shoulder blade at the top position. Do all reps for one side and then switch.

In this final superset of the workout, you will pair two bodyweight exercises; push ups and inverted rows.

With the push ups, we're adding a slight twist to make them a little more difficult. So, perform a regular push up, however, when you are in the bottom position, pause for one second and then push up and repeat.

This is a great way for beginners to improve their push up strength.

For the inverted rows, you will use an underhand grip. So, with the bar at hip height, row your chest up to the bar, squeezing your shoulder blades together at the top position and slowly lower yourself back down. Repeat.

That's it for this short muscle gaining, metabolism boosting strength portion of the workout. And by the end you should be feeling an incredible arm pump. From here, you'll finish off your workout with interval training.


Aaron said...

Craig: I am doing one of your reformed meathead work-outs and the final super set is 20 bw squats, seated rows, push-ups and then I do 25 sec of sprint running on the spot. After this workout I would probably either pass out or puke if I tried to do interval training...I am not in bad shape, but should I be alarmed?

lesith456 said...

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