Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Female Fitness & Disrespectful Personal Trainers

One of my biggest pet peeves is getting female personal training clients who have never done a pushup or bodyweight row.

Now I'm not talking about beginners...but about women who have been training with other personal trainers and who have decided to train with me instead.

Time after time I would ask my new clients to do pushups or even eccentric chinups, and they would say...

"Oh, my old trainer never had me do those exercises."

That always pissed me off.


Because it means their "old trainers" didn't respect their strength, fitness, and ability.

Instead, like most of the fitness industry, they were just out to get their client's money.

And that's how it remains today. Most personal trainers just like to talk to their female clients and give them a few fluff exercises, rather than respecting their client's time.

So that's why I'm excited to see one of the first "respectful" fitness books written for women is now available.

It's from Rachel Cosgrove, an amazing trainer, who has worked with triathletes, fitness competitors, obese women, beginners, and even female powerlifters.

She is a true female fitness expert, and her new book includes:

1) The ultimate guide to strength training for sustainable fat-loss, increased energy, and healthy body image for women who want to be in great shape, look amazing, and feel sexy and empowered

2) A 16-week program

3) A 2-week Bodyweight-Only Jumpstart Phase that will help women adjust to strength training while seeing results in just days

4) Over 100 fully illustrated warm-up moves and innovative strength-training exercises using everything from dumbbells and barbells to bands and straps

5) A comprehensive nutrition plan including nutrient-timing strategies that work with workouts, satisfying foods that promote optimum health and energy, and even an indulgent snack every day 

Grab your copy of her book here:

=> Click here for your copy of Rachel's book - Female Body Breakthrough

To your success,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS


Sara Cox Landolt said...

The trainer who runs the indoor bootcamp I attend (Dustin Maher) also gets annoyed with the push-up thing. He's motivated his 160+ athletes to do real pushups, some can do nearly 50. Most women are told to do pushups on the knees, if at all.
:-) Sara

Andrea said...

Culturally, women arent expected to do tough upper body workouts-- women's health magazines highlight the same running, yoga, pilates, and lower body workouts month after month. My old gym at UCLA was always divided between the sexes-- guys in the weights room and women in the treadmill/elliptical room. If a girl went into the weights room, it was just to use the ab equipment. I think girls are also afraid of getting "big arms" or being "too buff".

amanda thebe said...

Its great to hear your comments. I am a personal trainer who has seen the light! For the past 3-4 years since discovering Alywn Cosgrove, I have been making all my female clients do chin-ups (starting negative) and full push-ups and seen awesome results. I can't wait to buy this book.