Wednesday, November 25, 2009

No Workout Today

Weird - felt terrible all morning...skipped my workout and had a nap instead.

I'm still only about 80% right now, plus my legs and glutes are really sore from filming TT Abs beginner workouts last night and from squats on Monday.

Should be 100% tomorrow...

This might be helpful for folks on Thanksgiving...

=> How to Stop Binge Eating

And here's a possible Thanksgiving workout for you...

=> 10x10 Circuit Workout

Safe travels to all my American friends going home for Turkey Day,


PS - Just posted a 15-Minute, 4 upper body exercise circuit...

...that will hit your abs hard without doing a traditional ab exercise


Join the TT Fan Page to get that today!

1 comment:

Andy said... must have read my mind. The 10x10 was something I was going to do today as I wrote each exercise down and slipped it in my gym bag last night. But for some reason - I overslept because it was so freaking cold down here this morning it felt so good to sleep in a little.

I've always looked at the 10x10 since it came out in one of your earlier programs this year.

But this is a perfect circuit to do. The new 15 minute circuit workout looks good too!

I know you're Canadian, CB - but Happy Thanksgiving from the Apsay Family! Thanks for 3 years of good health...