Sunday, May 31, 2009

Depletion Time!

The TT Depletion Workouts are for everyone who still doesn't have enough time to do the regular TT workouts. Each TT Depletion program is only 20 minutes and you only train twice per week, so you have to give everything you can in just those 20 minutes.

And these workouts demand it! You'll love these simple circuits.

Here's how it's going to go down. You are going to do a 5-exercise circuit, 30 seconds per exercise, with absolutely, positively no rest in between exercises.

Click here for the June TT Depletion Program!


Brian K said...


Maybe this not the proper place to tell this story, but I wanted to share it with you because it really defines for me what getting healthy means. I was turned on to Turbulence Training about 14 months ago and I love it. In saying that, I have struggled to maintain my progress; I would best say I have resembled a yo-yo, up and down, up and down. This bothered me greatly and I could never figure out why, I even emailed you on this and you were kind of enough to respond with very helpful techniques and of course I followed them only to falter a week or two later. I even ordered Isabel’s The Diet Solution, read your blog daily, followed you on Twitter, used the TT members Forum basically developed the social support network you have been talking about and could not maintain any momentum. There is something else, up until March 23, 2009 I used chewing tobacco I did this everyday for 16 years. I decided to quit due to the fact I got a new job with an open floor plan and could no longer sit in my office behind closed doors and chew all day (pretty unprofessional). Me being the dope that I am figured to avoid the drain of quitting I would have a couple of cigarettes a day, well that turned into a pack a day habit. On Monday May 25 I decided to quit smoking and have not had one since.

The past week has been one of most free weeks I have had since I was 17. I no longer feel trapped by my addiction or a fraud that preaches health to everyone else but has dirty little secrets or habits. It has been so much easier to eat healthy if fact I have not had to force myself. I have actually enjoyed eating veggies and fruit in fact preferred them, my addiction to Mountain Dew is also gone, replaced with water and green tea. Last week I only did 30 minutes of activity for 3 days and was able to lose 3 lbs. I have not lost 3 pounds in a week in a very long time. This week I start full steam a head with Turbulence Training for Reformed Meatheads.

So why share this with you, for the following two reasons.

1. I read on your blog one day about how you write down goals to accomplish in the next 100 days. I did this and on my list was to stop all tobacco use by 6/1/09. The list has worked well and this item probably was the most important.
2. I read on the blog also a gentlemen’s comment about how the only person who can make changes in his life was the one staring back at him in the mirror. I knew this and it made sense but it really made me think or look at who I was and I found I did not like the person staring back at me in the mirror because of my nasty habits.

I just wanted to say thank you to you and to your followers, I know it only has been a week but it has been a great week. I just hope and pray that my abuse of tobacco does not lead to other health problems down the road.


Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS said...

Hi Brian!

Thanks so much for sharing! That is a powerful story, and I can't wait to hear about your continued success.

We are all very proud of you, and more importantly, so is that guy looking at you in the mirror each day.

Stay strong!