Tuesday, May 12, 2009

5 Tips to Beat Pain & Injuries

One of the worst things I hear from new TT members is that they can't get started because of an old injury.

So I went to one of the smartest guys I know in fitness and rehab, Keith Scott (a certified athletic therapist) for the top 5 things you need to do if you are injured.

(NOTE: Of course, the first thing goes without saying...you MUST see a doctor if you are injured...but here are more tips to recovering quickly so you can use Turbulence Training)

5 Things You MUST Do If You Get Injured

1) Stop doing any movements that cause pain.

Your body is signaling pain for a reason. Pushing through a fresh injury and ignoring pain is the last thing you want to do right now.

2) Apply ice.

With any new or fresh injury, you want to use ice or cold treatment. Always ice for the first 48 hours. Using heat is a big NO-NO for a new injury.

3) Assess the situation.

Write down everything you can remember about what you were doing when you injured yourself or first felt the pain.

Move carefully and slowly through the motions that cause the pain so you can pinpoint what movements are making it hurt.

The more information you have the better. Your doctor or trusted professional can make a better diagnosis with more information.

4) Don't just sit there...get "Active Rest".

What the heck do I mean?

Find something you can do that does not cause any pain or put your injury at more risk.

In other words, don't just sit there and do nothing. You can still find some exercise that you can do in the meantime.

5) Find a qualified professional to assess your situation and get you moving in the right direction.

Whether this is your doctor, or therapist, contact that person immediately and start doing the necessary things to get yourself

Sometimes people wait too long to get assessed and started on their "rehab". This can cause a lot more problems in the long run.

Either way, get yourself looked at by a professional immediately!

Thanks Keith!

Now here's the bonus tip...if you want to AVOID all that pain and injury in the first place, you need to become what Keith calls:


Now here's a dirty little secret about me...I always hated taking sports injury classes during my Master's of Exercise Physiology

I never had an interest in it, and as a trainer, I always refer my clients with injuries to a physio or chiro...so when TT members
write in with injuries, I always send them somewhere else.

And I've spent years looking for a straight-forward, no BS resource for TT Members on how to avoid and overcome injury...

...and this is by far and away the best advice you'll ever get on how to exercise safely while getting - and staying - FREE from pain.
Helping you stay on track with your workouts and out of the doctor's office,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
PS -You know why I hated sports injury classes?
...because I had a few bad breaks in high school (ankle, arm) and the rehab programs from my physio were useless.
Left me a little skeptical about the whole "rehab scene". It wasn't until years later when I finally met some competent chiripractors, doctors, and physio's that I saw the healing power that a good therapist can have.
And if you've ever wondered why your physiotherapist's program didn't work, Keith explains why:

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