Sunday, May 10, 2009

Turbulence Training User Almost Banned From Gym!

This is a wild story from a TT Member who was almost kicked out of his gym just because he helped some folks finally get some fat burning workout routines results...what a crazy backward world we live in just because some folks are too stubborn and stuck in their old school ways.


I have been following TT for some months and started using the workouts. Now, first I will explain that I live in ___, Mexico. Trainers at gyms in my city are used to train like everyone wants to become a bodybuilder.

They do not concentrate on nutrition, intervals or bodyweight exercises. I know. I have tried several gyms with no results.

So I started going in the web and I stumbled on one of TT videos and liked what I saw. First followed what was on the net and then bought the course. I have gotten great results and the way of training is something very efficient and fun.

Well, I started to get noticed on the gym and some other clients frustrated with the results they have been getting started asking me what was I doing. So I shared with them the TT way of doing things and a couple of them started working out with me.

After 3 weeks they started seeing results and spread a little noise on the gym of how happy they were with the results.

I got called to the gyms office and the owner and instructor told me to stop sharing information with the other clients. That I should keep to myself. Added, the gym instructor went to the people that were training with me and said the way I was training was obsolete, would hurt them and they should stop and follow their instructions.

He practically took them away from me. I later found out it was the instructor who promoted me being banned with the main office. He got upset that people started talking that their are different ways of training and more importantly to get results than what they were doing so far.

So I guess I am the first guy in my city to get banned from having training partners because of TT and getting results.

I was going to leave the gym since I got upset. But I wont. I will stick around and show them what TT can do. Positive support is something I do not have a lot at my gym. But who cares. TT is great. Best wishes to all!!!

Banning someone because you helped them lose fat with Turbulence Training

Just when you thought you'd heard it all,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
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George said...

Yeah. And this is the absolute top post that makes me delete turbulence training from my rss reader. You have so little to say and are yet so convinced of your own. Get real, man.

Nate - Fit-Life said...

Haha what? This story is awesome, Craig. Talk about meatheads being stuck in their ways...

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS said...

Yeah, weird huh Nate? Not sure why people get so angry with me.


Nate - Fit-Life said...

People hate being proved wrong...

Daniel Munday, Sydney's Fat Loss Expert said...

I love that story Craig! Reason #1 why gyms suck and set you up for failure so you keep coming back in, again and again looking for the "thing" that you must be missing.

Pierre said...

What is your problem?

Don't just mouth off without qualifying what is behind your angst. Otherwise just don't post anything!


Mauricio (TT Member) said...

Ha !
What a story!
Where that happened, in a local Gym, or in a big stuff place like Sport City?
We all have had to deal with those "instructors", it's great to put them on the spot about how mistaken they are.

Jim Hasselman said...

Sounds like the trainer in that gym was feeling threatened. That's unfortunate, but typical of human behavior.

On another note, George dude, show some respect man.

JeremyD said...

George is funny, and obviously someone who's never used TT. Great post. Unfortunate the trainer is stuck in his "old" ways

Anonymous said...

George.. 'so little to say'..? What do you even mean by this post? Interesting. When does YOUR book come out George?

Kelly M