Friday, May 01, 2009

Texan Turbulence Training Success Stories of the Month

We have even more Turbulence Training winners to announce today...since it is time for our Success Stories of the month of April, 2009. Both of our winners receive a 1-year Platinum TT Membership.

Congratulations to Jeff and Matt, both from Texas, who have made amazing improvements in their health and fitness with short, burst workouts - and NO long, slow cardio!

Here's Jeff's story about how he regained his health in just 8 weeks with Turbulence Training


"Craig, I had to share this with you.  Back in February I had a checkup, and my cholesterol was not good, my blood pressure had inched up higher than it had ever been, and I was about 30 lbs. heavier than I wanted to be.

I started TT right after that, and just finished the intermediate level program and had everything tested again.

I was shocked!  In 8 weeks I'd lost 12 lbs., my cholesterol level has dropped by 60 points, my BP went from 128/85 to 110/70, and my resting heart rate went from 75-76 to 68.

Not bad for someone who'll be 50 in a few months!

Thanks for all of the work you do and the help you give to so many of us!"
Jeff Montgomery

And here's Matt's awesome story of how he got fit fast WITHOUT long, slow, boring cardio!


"Dear Craig, I realise you must get stories like mine from people all the time but I just wanted to tell you about something that happened to me recently and provides you with a little more anecdotal evidence about the benefits of Turbulence Training.

I picked up TT training about a year ago; it started with the Men's Health Belly Off and went from there. Over the past year I've dropped about 30 pounds and although never really follow the diet programme am watching what I eat much more closely and never miss a work out.

My wife is a keen runner, it's her passion. Last weekend she was due to enter another half marathon and the weekend before I decided that as I was going to have to get up at 5.00am and take her to it I might as well run it myself.

Although I play soccer once a week and follow TT plans, I hadn't run more that 6 miles in my life. I did one practice run of 6 miles and felt good so went for it; my wife thought I was crazy, some people told me I wouldn't be able to finish it with such limited training.

Anyway, I did in 2hours 16seconds and it felt great. What was really amazing though was that over the last 30 minutes I felt strong, I broke it down in my head into a TT interval session and found that whilst everyone else seemed to be slowing down I was able to speed up, I am convinced due to all the TT sessions I have done.

I won't be doing another one, but I can say that I did it and that was what I wanted. So another nail in the coffin for long slow cardio as far as I am concerned!"
Matt Bennett


Congratulations to Matt and Jeff for their transformation success stories.

Great to hear about maximum results in minimum workout time,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS - Want to be a Turbulence Training Success Story?

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