Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Ran out of gas in today's workout

Not sure what happened today, but I seemed to run out of gas a little faster than I wanted to...I kept up a fast pace to the workout, but some things just felt heavy.

Probably my own stupidity and I ran too many intervals on Tuesday morning. I gotta do as I say, and not do as I do...start taking my own advice for off-day activity and reign myself in a bit.

Anyways, it was probably the most beautiful day of the year so far in Toronto, and I was lucky enough to get out and enjoy it. It was a little stuffy in the gym, and I was drenched by the time this one was done.

It was another good training environment because the college kids were in there lifting hard, and there were even a couple of hot chicks in there today...and that's worth nothing because usually the joint is just full of weird dudes.

Workout went like this...

1) Hang Clean

2) Wide Squat

3A) Medium Stance Squat
3B) DB Triceps Extension

4A) Back Extension
4B) Seated Row

Will take it easy tomorrow and deadlift early Friday morning, then get out of town for the weekend.

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Train hard and stay active on your off days,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS - Just did a Transformation Contest FAQ call...

I clear up the info about photos, how to enter, the truth about whether you need to buy, and the importance of social support... all the details about the call here:

Body Transformation Contest Rules


andrewjameslowry said...

CB, thanks for the honesty on your workout. Enjoy your visit to your 'country home' as you referred to it during one of your calls.

George said...

Might have been your diet as well. No carbs = no energy. No matter what it was, it would be great if you could post a follow-up once you know the reason.

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS said...

Not sure what you mean by no carbs. It definitely wasn't for lack of food/calories/carbohydrates.