Tuesday, May 08, 2007

How to control your appetite

To lose weight, you need to control your appetite. Otherwise, your diet goes out the window, and you can't burn fat because you are eating too many calories.

There are many reasons we overeat...

  • we're bored and need a distraction
  • we aren't educated on the calorie contents of some foods
  • food marketing is too darn good to resist!
  • poor food choices mess with our hormones and increase our hunger

To fight off hunger, it's best to stick with foods that are nutrient dense, high in protein and fiber, and low in calories.

From Jon Herring at www.earlytorise.com comes these tips...

1. Brush your teeth several times per day. When your mouth feels clean and fresh, you are much less likely to eat between meals.

2. Write down EVERYTHING you eat... and be honest. Instead of wondering why you are gaining or not losing weight, it will become quite clear. And if you want a little more incentive to watch what you put in your mouth, get a friend or family member to agree to check your "food journal" once a week.

3. Before you sit down to dinner, put the amount of food you would like to eat on your plate and put the rest in the refrigerator. This will discourage you from going back for seconds.

4. Observe the 10-minute rule. If you really want a second portion of calorie-rich food, wait 10 minutes. In most cases, the craving will pass.

I've also read that the scent of vanilla decreases hunger, and that chewing gum is also effective at helping reduce hunger and calorie intake.

Making smart food choices is still probably the best way to go...and of course, I recommend Dr. Chris Mohr's Turbulence Training Fat Loss Nutrition Guidelines.

But if you need recipes, let me tell you, I just reviewed the latest version of Dr. John Berardi's "Precision Nutrition" and it's packed with meals that will fill you up and keep you lean.

The package even includes a little set of skinfold calipers for you to use at home. Ingenious. Oh, and you get full access to his discussion forum.

You might even find a bonus from me over on John's forum,


PS - Do you know what people constantly LIE to me about?

Their nutrition. Almost every person that emails me to say they are stuck at a fat loss plateau says they are eating well. And then I ask a couple of questions, and the truth comes out. They are snacking before dinner...or they give into their sweet-tooth (every day!), or they eat fast food more than once per week.

So it's almost always nutrition. After all, you're working hard enough in the gym, aren't you?

So go HERE & get Precision Nutrition Help

Here's what one my client's had to say about Gourmet Nutrition (one of the books that comes with Precision Nutrition...):

"Having worked in some very fine restaurants over the years, I can attest to the fact that his preparation instructions are top notch (slow roasting salmon, searing steaks) as well as easy to follow. Well done. This book has straightforward instructions on how to make delicious food in a manner that will be in keeping with your nutritional and physical goals. It far exceeded my expectations. The steak recipe on page 122 is spot on, whether or not you take the time to make the balsamic syrup. Who doesn't love steak with fried onions? And I'm also looking very forward to trying the sea scallops on page 111."


A mouthwatering review to say the least!

So go HERE & get Precision Nutrition Help


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