Friday, May 27, 2016

Paleo Squats

Yesterday was a really, really great day at PaleoFX. And today was a really great squat workout to kickstart my day.

Today's Workout:

1A) Squat
1B) Box Jump

2A) Row
2B) Back Extension
2C) DB Split Squat


This is me and The Beast, Ben Greenfield, yesterday at PaleoFX with my Perfect Day Formula.

Listen to our podcast here:

I was wiped out after 6 hours of teaching about 100 paleo nutritionists and personal trainers from around the world (we had attendees from Scotland, Australia, and that wild and wacky country, Canadia).

Fitness QnA on Facebook:

Q: Hi Craig! You've suggested to me in the past to try egg protein powder (as I had a sensitivity to all others). I did get some and it's perfect! My only issue now is its not sold locally and I can't find any online with a Canadian company. Any website suggestions? Thanks


I buy my protein powders from - they have a .ca too, but I think the egg white protein is only available through the .com. Also, check Great to hear from you! -

Also...5 exercises to kick to the curb

Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tip:
Measure your PROGRESS, rather than seeking perfection. Understand you will never reach perfection...instead you must celebrate your journey as you improve from point A to point B. Make each day better than your last.

Be the beast,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT

PS - “While we are postponing, life speeds by.” – Seneca

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