Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Off-Day and Beyond Dinner

It's an off-day today. I didn't get a lot of sleep. Last night I was out later than normal (for a school night!) with Jeff and Isabel from BeyondDiet.com.

We had a beyond dinner date at The Kitchen in Denver. It's a great farm-to-table restaurant, but the portions are too dang small... especially to a guy just getting back from Vegas, LOL.

My upper back was sore today, so I skipped lifting and just did foam rolling. Tomorrow is my final workout from the first phase of my new program, and we'll soon re-test my bench press. Unfortunately my weight has not gone up. I need to push harder on eating, and I need to get more sleep.

However, I do have a little bit of training info for you. We cover a lot of workout stuff at the start of this podcast, surprisingly. You'll hear my training tips, my #1 mentor, and my anxiety story... all in this great listen here

=> https://rustylionacademy.com/rusty-lion-podcast-105-formula-for-a-perfect-day-with-craig-ballantyne/

On the nutrition side, here's a new greens supplement I'm enjoying...reminds me of my days as a kid when I loved chocolate mint ice cream. I thought I had outgrown that flavor, but this has got me back on the mint train!

=> http://www.amazon.com/Dynamic-Chocolate-Certified-Mangosteen-Pomegranate/dp/B00XLZQIJI

Today's Tip:
We can all get more done and achieve more. What motivation do you need? What consequences can you put in place to inspire action? Stop cheating. Start changing. Things can be different. It’s up to you.

GID Baby!

Get it done,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT

PS - This is awesome.

From the big man himself...

From the Joe Polish Podcast: http://ilovemarketing.com/biggest-bo...ter-diamandis/

Tony: I remember when I got a phone call from the Make a Wish Foundation saying a young man named Sean Stephenson is about to die and he wants to meet you. (Born with osteogenesis imperfecta, Stephenson stands three feet tall, has fragile bones, and must use a wheelchair). Sean came to a seminar and at the time they said you cant grab him. I said I want to take him across the fire. They said, take him across the fire? They said if he coughs, he breaks a rib. I said Ill be really gentle. Were going to do this and he did it. How many years ago was that?

Sean: Im 36. I was 19.

Tony: You were 19. Youre now 36. Hes a beautiful man. He could be complaining and whining and what does he do? His whole life is not about himself. Thats why hes so happy. He doesnt live in himself. He lives outside of himself serving things he loves. He still takes care of himself and hes funny. He's married now. The bottom line is this young man over here who now is at a different stage in life, I think he lived because he lived for more than himself. Yeah, Im sure he felt pain but we always suffer when we think about whats being done to us or what people are going to think or what they should have done or have done.

You cant control that stuff anyway. Why be upset? Are people going to be mean? Are people going to be unfair and unjust? Are people going to be beautiful or generous? You just never know when thats going to happen so might as well enjoy yourself along the way. And if theres any gift I can give you, its to tell you what you know already, that you get to decide you're going to live in a beautiful state.

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