Friday, July 05, 2013

Diet Depletion Update after an Italian Restaurant

We are 5 days into the Diet Depletion and I have to ask:
How are things going for you right now?
I want you to let me know on Facebook here. Let me know if you 
are struggling and need help. We will find a solution for you. If this
week was bad, FORGET it...and move on. Look to be better starting
right now.
On a personal note, I'm 100% on target with my plan. Not a single
banned ingredient has passed my lips, even though I just went and 
had an amazing meal at a local Italian restaurant, Il Fornello. BUT...
there was ONE tough temptation...
You see, I had grilled calamari, a beet salad (no cheese), & grilled salmon
with vegetables.
The one temptation? It wasn't the bread, the cheese, the pasta, or even
It was silly old diet coke.

Now I don't usually drink diet soda, maybe once a week. But whenever I go
to a restaurant I always want to order it. Must be because I hang around John
Romaniello, and he'll drink a couple of them at each meal.
But I said no to diet soda and stuck with water. 

In general, diet soda should be a no-no on your diet. I don't know for sure if it's
bad for you (it hasn't killed any of my friends yet). And I do think it is 100x's
better than regular soda, but if you can, stay strong and stick to water.

I was able to do it because I made my goals PUBLIC to you and YOU are
holding me accountable. So I'm on my best behavior! :)
So let me know that you are getting great results and if I can help.
Back to my friend John, I'll give Roman credit because even though he might
be "off" on his diet soda habit, I know that he's right about 99% of the time
when it comes to training, like when he said this:
"While you can also do other workouts, like P90X, in your undies, I personally
believe Craig's Home Workout Revolution workouts are better than P90X. Plus,
Craig's workouts are less than 50% of the price of P90. And just as the name
implies, Craig and I believe that  his program will completely revolutionize the
way people workout at home
- John "Roman" Romaniello, NY Times Best-selling author
Thanks John.
So here's your FINAL reminder to get the exact workouts that John recommends:
You'll get the 51 bodyweight workouts from the original HWR program, PLUS
fourteen new bonus 4-Minute Miracle workouts and six 6-Minute Six-Packer
workouts - ALL done follow-along style. We'll do EVERY single rep and set
with you and encourage you along the way. It's a blast.
Enjoy the faster fat burning results you will get from HWR,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
Creator, Home Workout Revolution - HWR
PS - John isn't the only BEST-selling author to recommend HWR...'s what my great friend, best-selling author, and world-famous
nutritionist Joel Marion just told his readers about HWR:
"I believe in these workouts so much, and because I want to see you
experience the same success that I currently am, I asked Craig
to give all my readers a discount for the next couple days on his brand
new Home Workout Revolution system and he AGREED.

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PPS - Joel says NO to diet cokes, too. He knows what he is talking
about for both training and nutrition!
PPPS - Combine Diet Depletion with HWR and you could lose...
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you might have done this week at a holiday event.
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