Tuesday, July 23, 2013

101 Reasons to Hate Craig B video is up

LOL. Here's the funniest video you'll watch all day.
101 Reasons to Hate Craig B. - YouTube.com/watch?v=Fvma_JuaYf0
That was a lot of fun to film. Enjoy my suffering. And let me know your time on my TT Facebook page here.
Now for your 2nd challenge...this one is much more serious.
I want you to ask yourself an important question...one that might change your life. 
Many readers are calling it the best article I've ever written, and how they it was perfect because they really needed to hear this message.
It contains the toughest question you'll ever have to answer
And tomorrow I'll bring you the 10 most UNDER-rated workout tips in the world.
It will change your life for the better,
Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
PS - If you're a trainer...
...and you are ready to change your life and the lives of thousands of other people like these Certified Turbulence Trainers:
- Kate Vidulich, CTT
- Mikey Whitfield, CTT
- Shawna Kaminski, CTT
- Brian Kalakay, CTT
- Ray Ortiz, CTT
- Chris Lopez, CTT
Let's do this!

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