Wednesday, May 15, 2013

free workout from Bally the Dogz

Woof woof, young Bally the Dog here to give you something really cool.
I hate it when my "old man" calls me ol' Bally - I'm still a young pup! And getting into plenty of trouble, too.
Last weekend I stole a ham and a banana off the kitchen table because I wanted some snax. Can you blame me? You sure as heck can't stay mad at me because I am so cutez!
But what really matters is this cool free workout that I want to give you.
It's another 4-minute miracle follow along workout for your abs and you can get it for free here:
Plus, you'll get 3 more free workouts from ol' Craig the Human.
Your poochy friendingz,
Bally the 6-pack Abs Dog
Certified Dog
PS - Why workout longer than 4 minutes?
If you do, then you don't get to lie around as much all day...and I love to just lay there on my mat and sleep.
So even I, young Bally the Dog, love these 4 minute workouts.
And then spend the rest of the day letting your elevated metabolism do its job.
Bark to you soon!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Bally,

You are really cute! Are you single?
I have to lose 2 or 3 pounds, what do you recommend?

With kind barks!

Rebeca, the Beagle