Sunday, February 20, 2011

Panamania is runninng wild

So I'm down here in Panama at a non-fitness related conference, and I was getting ready to speak to about 240 people on Saturday morning. But I was full of nervous energy and needed to do a bodyweight workout in my hotel room.

Because while I've really enjoyed my stay at the Hotel Rui here, the employees who run the gym seem to have trouble being on time. As a result, the fitness center still wasn't open by 6:15am (even though it was scheduled to open at 6am), so...

I did a bodyweight workout in my hotel room.

But not a TT Bodyweight workout.

Instead, I wanted to switch it up and I used the "Scorpion 75 - Feel the Sting" program from my friends Adam Steer and Ryan Murdock.

It was outstanding.

Adam and Ryan are FAMOUS for their bodyweight workouts, having trained rockstars, combat athletes, and elite special forces.

And so, without equipment, I was able to train my entire body in 20 minutes in my hotel room, and I even managed to learn a couple of new exercises for future TT programs, including:

- Kneeling Walkouts
- Spider Planks with X-Over
- Rocca Presses

In fact, I liked this program so much that I immediately sent an email to Adam demanding that he offer it to TT readers PLUS some extra bonuses. So he put together this awesome package:

You'll get the

- Scorpion 75 (program I used in my hotel room)
- Bodyweight Express
- and the Hades fat burning bodyweight workout

All of these are short, no-equipment bodyweight exercise workouts.

Perfect for at home or traveling, and of course, you can do them in the gym too, but you won't need to go there. These are literally anytime, anywhere workouts.

Grab the "3-for-1" bodyweight workout special here.

Off for a regular weights workout today, and then taking my buddy, a former US army soldier, through the Hades workout tomorrow!


Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training

PS - But that's not all...

...because I sent him another email asking if there was anything else he could do for TT readers.

"C'mon," I said, "You must have some other super cool goodies we can give to TT readers hungry for workouts."

And so Adam DOUBLE-DIPPED into his archives and made two new programs available:

1) The Bodyweight Animal "Critters" program
2) The Dumbbell Strikes Back workout

So with my "double dip", it's now a 5-for-1 special.

Grab 5 fat burning workouts here.

Going to hit some meathead bench pressing, Panamania-style tomorrow (and yes, I do indeed mean Pana-mania, as in Pana-mania will be running wild tomorrow, brotherrrrrsssssss)
PPS - Will be hitting a Panamania weights workout tomorrow.

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