Sunday, December 12, 2010

Focus on the Right Things

Today's workout started with 5 minutes of cleaning up the gym, even though I don't even work there. I'm particular about where the plates go and I don't like the DB's on the floor. Anyone else like that? Oh well, helped with warmup.

Today's Training:

1) Pistol Squats
2) Front Squats
3A) Glute Ham Raise
3B) Stability Ball Plank
3C) High-box Step-ups.

Now for a dog walk in the rain...

I will also be doing a short trip down to the local market to pick up some fresh vegetables for the week. After all, I truly believe in the old saying, " Pay your grocer or pay your doctor."

Remember to focus on the right things today,


1 comment:

Josh said...

Looks like a good lower body day. I've started doing front squats instead of back squats recently. Do you ever think about trying full body training or are you just always going to stick with the split?