Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Opposite Workout Fitness Tips

Have you told yourself over and over again that you just can't do something, even though you have nothing to base that on? What would happen if you just started believeing the OPPOSITE? Simple little shift in mindset. But it could change your life.

Sticking with the "opposite theme", here are 3 cool workout tips that you can use to switch up your workouts without sacrificing results.

1) Do the opposite exercise workout

If you are doing weights, try using bodyweight exercises instead, and vice-versa. So let's say you are doing dumbbell chest presses, switch to an advanced pushup instead. Or maybe you are doing db rows, so switch to pullups, chinups, or bodyweight rows. Doing lunges? Switch to bulgarian split squats and use the 1 & 1/2 rep style.

2) Use opposite style rest periods (Take extra rest between exercises)

In this method, I want you to take 1 minute between exercises and 2 minutes between supersets. The extra rest will allow you to lift heavier weights. But that will make your workout longer, so cut out the third superset.

3) Opposite programming supersets to circuit

If you are doing supersets, switch to doing all the exercises in a circuit. you'll use lighter weights (slightly), but possibly get your workout done faster. A great change of pace without sacrificing results.

My schedule this week got switched up a bit. I
'm flying to LA tomorrow (and boy, will my arms be tired), so I moved up tomorrows workout to today:

1) Trap bar deadlift - 370x2x5

2A) glute ham raise
2B) hanging knee raise
2C) side plank
2D) plank

I will probably use workout tip #1 from above and do bodyweight stuff on Friday or Saturday.

Today's resource:
The nasty truth about store-bought guacamole (35 ingredients!) and a great recipe for delicious, fresh guacamole

=> The Truth About Guacamole

And look for TT Resident Evil to be unleashed in the Member's area later today,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS


csrunner said...

I've been making my own guacamole for a while and now I can't eat store bought, just doesn't taste right. My recipe is super easy.
Avocados, Organic Salsa, Cumin, Fresh Black pepper, fresh lime wedge.

Cube avocados put in bowl with roughly 1 tablespoon of salsa per avocado, mash with potato masher, season with cumin, fresh ground black pepper and fresh squeezed wedge of lime.

If you can resist refridgerate for 30 minutes or so (push plastic wrap down right on top of the guacamole to seal out air, helps prevent it from turning brown.

Fitness Freak said...

How does this opposite work out help us , any specific reason to do opposite workout.

Jason korinek said...

same question here...

fitness trainer