Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Another Cancun Meathead Workout

I am very lucky to be hanging around some great guys and gals in Cancun this week, including my friends, Vince Del Monte, Isabel De Los Rios, John Romaniello, and Joel Marion.

Isabel and I shot a quick workout video today that I'll be sharing with you soon. Then I did another meathead workout:

1-Elevated Pushups
2-DB Shrugs
3-DB Shoulder Lateral Raise Circuit
4-Biceps and Triceps
6-Cable pullover

Awesome times! And today's kickbutt mindset quote is all about hanging out with the right people.

You become who you associate with. Cut ties with lazy, negative, dishonest people." Kekich Credo #51.......Do not accept anything less than the best. This is YOUR life we are talking about!‎

Once you associate with the right people, you can achieve amazing things.

"Like boats without a rudder, people with no specific goals drift through life. What is one of the specific goals which gives your life direction
today?" - Bill Phillips......

One of my goals is to have created over 100 products by the end of 2010. I am going to finalize a new one, TT Transformation, today.

Be positive,


PS - Today is Transformation Tuesday...

Discover a powerful story of over-coming a "NO support" environment from a guy over 40 who lost belly fat an changed his life

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