Saturday, September 04, 2010

The Bat Wing Exercise

I did the "Bat Wing" exercise in my workout yesterday. To find out what it is, go here to see my latest Men's Health contribution.

=> Exercise Tests Article

(NOTE - The exercise idea is from Dan John):

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"Pay your grocer or pay your doctor."

Get out to your farmer's markets today and get real food. Spend a little extra if you must. Eat a little less.

And get ready for the 9th TT Contest that starts tomorrow


Stay strong,


PS - Good life advice from Dave Kekich...

"Don't allow yourself to be rushed. Make important decisions carefully, considering your gut feelings."
Kekich Credo #34

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Matt Joseph said...

That's a great test, Craig. I even find myself often thinking that my rhomboids are overly tight, when in fact they are weak. I'm going to do the bat wing test the next time I get to the gym to find out. I'm also going to recommend it to some clients and friends because I feel that this is a common weakness.