Friday, March 03, 2017

Personal invite to Denver!

I want to personally invite you to this year's TT Summit June 2nd & 3rd in Denver, Colorado.

I wanted to tell you first (because you are on my special TT list) before word got out to the entire industry.

Here's the site with all the info...

The 2017 Turbulence Training Summit

I want you to come out and join us for an awesome weekend of learning from the best.

Here's just a bit of who you're going to learn from...

I will teach you how to dominate your days and take back control of your life allowing you to turn your passion into profit.

Matt Wilber will teach you the exact systems, marketing, leadership & mindset secrets behind his 4 Fit Body Boot Camps that are generating multiple 7 figures each year.

Martin Gibala, professor and chair of the kinesiology department at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario will share his latest research on high intensity interval training and how it can help your clients get greater results quicker, as outline in his new book "The One-Minute Workout".

Bedros Keuilian will give you a detailed BLUEPRINT on how to create a massive online lead and prospect getting funnel so that you never have to worry about where your next client or referral is going to come from.

PLUS, you'll learn from Kate Solevieva, Precision Nutrition Coach and one of the most brilliant nutrition minds in our industry today. Kate and the entire Precision Nutrition Team is years ahead of the industry which is why they are the top nutrition program in the world.

Here's just a few more things that you'll learn at the 2017 TT Summit...

  • The #1 Facebook hack from social media expert, Scott Rawcliffe, that will generate 3x your profit with just one ad.
  • How to get record transformation results with your clients, helping them lose up to 75lbs in 12 weeks from transformation expert Brent Neevel.
  • How to rise above your circumstances and hustle through life's challenges from CTT Mike Whitfield, author of "Rise and Hustle".

I'm limiting attendance to the TT Summit to only 200 attendees and that's why I wanted to let you know first before Dr. Gibala, Kate, Bedros, and Scott announce it to their entire lists (which is VERY, very soon).

So go here and register for TT Summit now:

Arrow blue TT Summit Link (Early Bird Special)

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – If you use kettlebells with your clients (and you should be)...

...then I highly recommend that you be at Chris Lopez's BONUS session on Friday afternoon.

Arrow blue Click here to find out more about the KB session

PPS - Remember this...

Personal growth and change are up to us. "If it is to be," the saying goes, "it's up to me." Our life. Our choices. Our challenges. Our decision: Take the easy way out and struggle, or live the hard way so you succeed.

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