Monday, February 02, 2015

Trouble Spot Training

It may sound a tad bit crazy, but inside today's brand new article from my Toronto's Trouble Spot Training Expert, Bruce Krahn, you'll discover how you can fix your trouble spots:
Oddly enough I had to go all the way to Miami last year to meet Bruce at a small, closed-doors meeting of 15 elite fitness experts. The seminar was arranged by world-famous trainer, Vince Del Monte, and that's where Bruce started telling me about how he makes his living curing trouble spots like:
1) Excess fat from your thighs
2) Ugly fat on your back (ladies - that ugly stuff under your bra!)
3) Man boobs (in his male clients, of course!)
4) Stubborn belly fat & lazy love handles (of both men & women)
5) Big ol' fat butts - sorry, just being honest here ;)
As you know, I'm NOT easily impressed. In fact, I'm outright skeptical of every trainer that I meet. But after spending a couple of hours with Bruce, I was sincerely impressed. Here's why...
Bruce isn't your average trainer that is in "so-so" shape. No way. Instead, he's 45 years and what I would call, "a ripped freak". (Just like my good friend from down in Michigan, Shaun Hadsall).
Bruce walks the walk. He practices what he preaches. He's cured his own trouble spots. When Bruce talked training and dieting, I listened carefully.
Read his article. I know you'll agree that Bruce knows what he's talking about. He'll make sure you're not misled by any of these "trendy" workouts.
Oh, and he has a bonus trouble spot cure, too. If you're dealing with flab on the back of your arms, Bruce has a cure for that too. 
That's why he's called the Trouble Spot Training expert.
And WOW, don't miss all of the before and after pictures on his site.
Impressive stuff, 
Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
PS - This is perfect timing...
...because you've made some great progress in 2015, and even though you might have had a Superbowl Slip-Up, this new information will get you right back on track to success.
Bruce's Trouble Spot Cures are here in time for you to finally fix your body.
PPS - No matter what happened this weekend...
...Forgive yourself, learn your lesson, and move on.
There's nothing you can do about the past, so let's kick butt today and in the future by focusing on the right habits. If you don't want a bad habit, don't feed the bad habit. Suffocate it by replacing it with a good habit. Celebrate each small victory the longer you can resist. Celebrate each victory each time you practice a good habit. Build upon right decisions and right actions. Know what you want to achieve, and do the right things. Let's go!

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