Friday, February 06, 2015

Best oblique exercises

I got stuck with a 6 hour flight delay on Thursday coming back from Joel Marion's in Tampa, so I had a few extra hours at the airport to answer your many questions. Here were some of the'll get some cool new exercise ideas and a tip on the best workout for fat burning.
Q: What are the best exercises for oblique muscles? - Ben Wedighezai

I've recently become a fan of Shaun T's "Alternating Toe Touches". This was featured in a recent Men's Health magazine, and is a harder version of the Cross-Body Mountain Climber. We added this exercise to the new Home Workout Revolution videos that are coming out on Ballantyne's Day. Stay tuned for 25 brand new bodyweight workouts!
In the meantime, these are also fantastic for strengthening your core:
Cross-Body Mountain Climbers, Side Planks, Diagonal Ab Wheel Rollouts, and Cable Chops.
Forget about silly moves like bicycle crunches. Those are a waste of time
Q: I'm 55 yrs old and am doing a combination of weight resistance and interval training. How many 30 minute workouts per week should I do to lose the nasty last 5 - 8 lbs and keep it off? - Lianne Busse

Three to four workouts is enough, and keep them short. You don't need to spend hours in the gym, and you don't even need a gym membership.
Here's a great BEST and most popular fat loss workout ever is called "TT for Buff Dudes and Hot Chicks". I know it has a funny name, but don't let that stop you. Many of our TT Transformation Contest winners have used it to lose up to 33 pounds in 12 weeks. It's the perfect fast fat burning workout, and best of all, it's part of The TT $7 Transformation system here
This workout plan is so much better than 30 minutes or even an hour of useless cardio. Stay strong, Lianne! You're inspiring people of all ages.
Q: Once I'm done with the 16-weeek Turbulence Training program, what program should I use next? - Gwen Smith
That's easy.You need to follow the exact workout that has been used by over a dozen TT Transformation Contest winners.
Under-40 women's category winner, Nicole, replaced her "twice daily cardio" sessions with this exact TT program and lost 19 pounds in 12 weeks.

Nicole said...

"Before TT, I exercised so much - 1 1/2 to 3 hours a day and 2 trips to the gym - that I was always starving...I was really excited to find Turbulence Training. Being able to exercise for less than an hour a day, and better yet to
have it be effective, was really exciting. I am excited to try many of the other programs and hopefully someday to become a Turbulence Training Trainer."

Join Nicole in using TT for Buff Dudes and Hot Chicks program to get back in shape fast. Just go here and get this special deal:

You'll get EIGHT weeks of workouts (plus a special surprise bonus) for less than the price of breakfast at Starbucks. This one workout is the most popular with our best TT Transformation Contest Winners. 
Transform your body today, 
Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
PS - Keep on pushing on!
"You must work tirelessly towards your goal. You need to wake up every day and make a conscious decision to simply do more. Every step towards achieving your goal, no matter how big or small that step is, is a step in the right direction." – Robert MacDonald

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