Monday, February 16, 2015

At Home Grateful for a Hard Workout

Today's been a crazy day, even though it is an official holiday. I haven't been stressed like this for a long time. I really didn't expect this weekend to turn out like this.

I wrote about it here:

And then I got lazy. Not wanting to deal with the stress of going to the gym on a holiday, or getting out of my car in the brutal cold, I stayed at home and tried to train just as hard with powerblocks and kettlebells. The good news is that I did it. It was a great session.

1A) Powerblock Split Squats - 4x8
1B) Box Jump - 3x3

2A) KB Swing - 70lbs x 6 sets x 20 reps
2B) More Box Jump - 3x3 (did these in between every other set)

3A) Powerblock Shrug - 4x20
3B) Yoga Stretches

Great feedback on this new Go Hard & Get Lean workout:

"Go Hard Get Lean is quickly becoming one of all time TT favorites. Starting to see an increase in upper size. However upper body strength needs improvement too. Good job on this workout Craig." - Blake L.

And another member said:

"Finished week 1 of TT Go Hard and Lean...Tough little program here. I'm a really big fan of how it's set up. The first three days start with the mid rep range(6-8) big lifts and are followed by dropsets, higher rep supersets and circuits that get really your heart moving. All done within 40 minutes, including the warmup. The 9 minute ab circuit on day 3 is just brutal. The last workout is a fun but tough challenge/rep day. I had a crazy pump after doing this one." - Mike L.

Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tip:
Step up. Take action. Have the difficult conversations. ==> Pay the price. Earn the prize.

Be grateful...I know I am for the life I lead, even though things are more stressful than usual this week due to travel, some business issues, and some other friends that are behaving poorly.

Time to follow my own advice,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

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