Thursday, February 26, 2015

#1 butt exercise to avoid

Ol' Bally the Dog, my crazy Canadian chocolate lab, enjoys sniffing butts. He makes no apologiez. That's what dogs do. I, on the other hand, prefer just to look at them. I'm a bit of a butt expert. Show me a nice butt and I can accurately predict that person's workout routine. And if you show me a flat butt, or one that squishes out sideways or droops down instead of curving back nicely, and I can also tell you what type of exercise that person does each day (it's obviously the wrong kind!).
In the case of the droopy drawers and squished sideways butt, there's always one exercise culprit to blame. It's one move that you'll want to avoid or at least kick-to-the-curb from your program because it's not going to help you get a better butt. And Bally the Dog says it won't make you smell any better, either. ;)
Unfortunately this one type of ineffective exercise is quite popular amongst the "wanting to get a better lower body crowd". I guess that's why so many people end up frustrated with their gym memberships…because that exercise they are doing just isn't working.
This exercise can also cause "dead butt syndrome", according to This refers to gluteus medius tendinosis, which is an inflammation of the tendons in your rear.
This one exercise also causes "dumb-butt syndrome", according to Runner's World magazine. This happens when that one bad exercise leads to weak hips, an unstable pelvis, and ultimately serious knee injuries. It occurs all the time in people that do this one exercise, according to Dan Bannink, a physical therapist in Michigan.
There's also "flat butt syndrome", according to Las Vegas trainer, Peter Pinto. He says you'll want to avoid that one useless exercise because it causes your butt to wither away, "allowing for saggy butt cheeks and flat butt syndrome."
So what is this one exercise to avoid?
Machine cardio. Stairmasters, elliptical machines, treadmills, and even spinning all lead to flat, dumb, dead butts.
And what's the solution to overcoming a dumb, dead, flat butt?
My Turbulence Training programs, of course. I know what works. I've been building better butts, including my own, for over a dozen years. I believe a beautiful butt is a work of art. So let me help you sculpt one.
Trainers like Jillian Michaels, Peter Pinto, and myself know that 1-leg resistance training exercises are the best way to build a better butt. Single-leg exercises are best "because they target so many muscles at the same time — glutes, hamstrings, quads, and calves," says Jillian, allowing you to sculpt your muscles while burning a LOT of calories at the same time.
Just one set of a single-leg exercise will do more good for your behind than 45 minutes on any cardio machine.
So save yourself time, money, and sagginess, and just say NO to cardio if you want a better butt. The answer to putting curves in all the right spots – so that you show off your 'best asset' in your skinny jeans – is to use this Turbulence Training program built specifically for giving you a better butt. But hurry, the celebration sales price more than doubles at midnight tonight.
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Just say NO to an embarrassing flat, saggy butt that you have to hide under baggy jeans or sweat pants, and finally get a custom-made butt with curves in all the right spots – that fits perfectly into stylish skirts, sexy swimwear (bikinis and speedos!) and your favorite 'going-out-on-the-weekend' pants.
You work hard. You eat right. And you deserve results.
Here's your chance to get the body and the butt you want.
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Looking forward to your results,
Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS - When life hands you lemons...
...make fat-burning lemonade.

When life brings you discomfort, mental or physical, do not waste your energy trying to repel it. Instead, embrace it. Channel it. Use it to fuel your efforts to persevere through it. Breathe it in, work it out. Do not fight against it, but instead flow with it. That is how you will get through it.
I believe in you. You can - and WILL - do it.
And when life hands you a flat butt, build a better booty with my help.

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