Monday, February 02, 2015

Super Sunday and Legs Monday

Ouch. I am going to be sore tomorrow from today's garage gym leg workout. I was planning on going to the gym, but the closest one is 20 minutes away and there was a lot of writing to do this morning after the big BioTrust SuperBowl Weekend party wrapped.

It was so much fun...details below.

Today's Workout:

1A) DB (Powerblock) Split Squats - 5x8-10
1B) Box Jumps - 5x5

2B) Ab wheel

3) KB Swing Challenge - 53 x 35 reps with good form

4) DB Walking Lunges - 4x8

Great times. Not quite "Beast Mode", but still good.

Sunday's Superbowl party update...

Planning ahead allowed me to stick to a good, yet filling diet of steak, giant shrimp, grilled vegetables...while other people complained about being bloated, I felt great, and had a perfect start to my day today. 
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Turbulence Training's photo.
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Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tip:
Change only comes when the consequences of staying the same are too painful. This explains your choices and the behavior of others. If you want to change then dig deep and bring your pain to the surface. If you want to influence others, point out the pain and pave the way to a better future for them.

And read this:

Craig Ballantyne, CTT

PS - Do not tie up your feelings of self-worth with the outcome of a football game over which you had no control. Concentrate on what counts.

PPS - Streaking Update

I had no problem with any of these streaks over the Superbowl weekend despite being out late and at meals where the food was in great abundance.

1) Write 3000 words per day

I wrote three huge essays over the weekend. It's all about getting up on time, avoiding temptations, and gluing my butt to the seat and squirming until I wring every last word out of my fingers.

2) No Post Dinner Binge Eating

Saturday dinner ran very late (9:45pm). It annoyed me, so I came up with a plan to avoid this in the future. I'll simply eat before I go and skip the food at the event. It's never worth it anyways when you have to eat from a set menu with only a few options. On the bright side, I had a great time with Isabel De Los Rios, her husband Stuart, and their two well-behaved young boys.

On Sunday, there was so much food at the BioTrust Superbowl party. I planned ahead and used a tip that I used to think was stupid. I simply ate a big healthy snack before, and then at the party, I was barely tempted by the junk. I have a big plate of steak, shrimp, and vegetables at 7pm. I also easily avoid temptations because I don't eat grains and dairy. That eliminates 90% of the junk options. I was still relatively full when I got to bed at 10pm.

3) 1 Drink Maximum

Nothing since Friday.

4) No Outbursts or Snarkiness

This was Joel's 5th Superbowl party and it was by far my favorite. Kevin Harrington stopped by and was the star of the night. So many folks were pitching him ideas, and he loved it. I spent a lot of time catching up with John Romaniello. It was really, really fun. So great to see so many old friends (like Brad Pilon, who I have known for 15 years) and new ones, like Kevin.

5) Healthy Gut Days

All things considered, and despite being surrounded by temptation, I remained true to my goals.

Last night many people felt terrible because they ate so much, or because they went to the Cold Stone Creamery table for ice cream that Joel had set up in his living room...and those folks were bloated because they were not used to eating dairy.

It was all easily avoided, and I'm glad I did. I feel great today.

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