Saturday, February 07, 2015

Saturday Deadlifts and Streaks and Stories

I love a weekend deadlift or squat session. Usually I go on Sunday mornings when there are even fewer people in the gym, but today I hit a mid-Saturday morning challenge deadlift workout. The weight room was a little busy at first, but the beauty of a deadlift session is that you can do it anywhere and don't need a bench or rack.

1A) Deadlift (week 2 of 5-3-1 program)
1B) Box Jump
1C) Military Press (week 2 of 5-3-1 program)

2) Challenge Set: Trap Bar Deadlift - 225x22 reps (beat old record of 21)

3A) Good Morning
3B) Overhead Squat

Followed by 5 minutes of 'Craig Yoga'...basic D-Dogs and Warrior Poses.

While I was doing that, we were running our first sessions at our brand new Turbulence Training-Fit Body Bootcamp in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina!


Spread the word. Thank you!

Streaking Update

It's nice to be home, to see Bally the Dog, to train at the local YMCA, to do a garage gym workout, and to pick up Bally poop at 6:30am in the cold, frozen darkness of Southern Ontario.

1) Write 3000 words per day

I planned and prepared well for this morning's writing session, putting together a couple of great emails, some segments for the book, and an interview outline for my coaching clients that will serve us well. I'm a little disappointed I hadn't thought of this system before...oh well, time to implement it and spread the TT word even faster.

2) No Post Dinner Binge Eating

Not only did have I been strong here, but I haven't overeaten at dinner for the past few nights, either. When I do, I get bloated and it probably doesn't help me sleep well. But I've 'ate like a normal person' the past few days and I've slept like a champ. I'm on a very good routine, and that will be a big bonus for point 5 below.

3) 1 Drink Maximum

No alcohol since Monday, but I might have one with friends tonight.

4) No Outbursts or Snarkiness

I won a nice victory here. Well, a few victories. First, I had to get new passport photos and renew my passport, all while walking around Toronto in nice dress shoes and just a sweater - because I was ill prepared for the weather after being in Florida for 2 weeks. My mistake. I had to suck it up, but I was polite and patient in all interactions.

Second, there was a mess-up in my car rental in Toronto. Ultimately, it was no one's fault but my own. I caught myself before I could raise my voice. Everything turned out fine (as it always does).

Third, after a drive back to the farm, I avoided a confrontation with a family member when I was tired and hungry. Again, mindfulness helped. I knew that, like the Snickers commercials show, I wasn't being myself because I was hungry. I had a little snack, some water, and avoided all outbursts and snarkiness. I really want to keep this streak going, and thanks to YOU, I am! You'll go in my gratitude journal tonight.

5) Healthy Gut Days

Dinner was on point last night, so was breakfast this morning (my order of coconut paleo bread showed up just before I arrived home...making for some nice breakfast sandwiches).

Dinner included a lot of brussel sprouts, and if you've read anything about FODMAP foods, these can be problematic. But I didn't notice any bloating from them, and my portion size wasn't problematic.

Overall, the week was a rollercoaster, with a great SuperBowl Sunday, a bad Groundhog Day Monday, and then a very smooth week despite some trials and tribulations along the way.

Time to finish the day strong.

Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tip:
Every time you lose, you win. You learn the temptations & obstacles to avoid. You discover what doesn't work so that you don't repeat the mistake in the future. Stay strong and push on.

And before we go, I have 2 questions for you...

1) Where do you want to be in life?
2) Why are you not there?

... Spend 15 minutes in reflection & Identify opportunities.

Focus on the good,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT

PS - There are also...

...some incredible stories being told on my favorite Facebook page

That's the power of a sharable story in an easy-to-share format. Brandon Stanton is one person I would like to meet. He's doing great work.

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