Monday, February 09, 2015

Monday Morning Meathead Found in the Garage

Garage gym Monday morning Meathead workout time. Doesn't get much better than this. No waiting at the bench press in a crowded gym.

Today's training:

1A) DB Press
1B) Band Pull Apart
1C) DB Rear Delt Raise

2A) Handstand Pushup

3A) Crow Post
3B) Farmer Walk

4A) DB Neutral-Grip Incline Press
4B) Yoga Stretches, lower body

Good times.

Streaking Update

This weekend went great. Sunday was a near perfect day for diet and writing and reading. Today started off on the right foot as well, with 2500 words written before the morning dog walk.

Unfortunately, the UPS delivery guy got stuck in my laneway 10 minutes to call a tow-truck, but it shouldn't get in the way of my work and training.

1) Write 3000 words per day

One thing I recognized as I've continued to write my book is that I can't be wishy washy. It's my way or the highway. This is how you have the perfect day. It demands the Perfect Start. if you don't start perfectly, you'll fail, feel guilty, get nowhere. I've spent a lot of time reading bios and researching people's daily routines to get the support for my argument.

The answer to important questions about my work are:

What do I stand for? => Working first thing in the morning on your #1 priority, just like the greatest authors, composers, and thinkers of history.....

What big problem is the book solving? => Showing people how to unlock their potential by not shying away from a "monk-like magic morning" and embracing it, the way Ryan Holiday recommends embracing the obstacle that is in the way as the way (in his book, The Obstacle is the Way, based on writings by Marcus Aurelius)....

Why is the book the best at solving these problems? => Because based on research and anecdotes, the proof is in the Perfect Day formula. With rare exception, the world's greatest leaders, creators, and business builders followed these principles. It's our way or get stuck-in-the-mud-off-the-highway.

2) No Post Dinner Binge Eating

Perfect meals all weekend. Chicken on Friday, steak on Saturday, fish on Sunday, plus lots of Paleo-bread nut butter sandwiches for breakfast.

3) 1 Drink Maximum

1 max adhered to...doing well with this...and sleeping like a champ (8.5 hours last night!) because of it.

4) No Outbursts or Snarkiness

Easy weekend to do this. Good family time, and I did my errands early in the mornings when fewer people were at the gym or in stores. That meant no line-ups and no waiting around.

5) Healthy Gut Days

Feeling great. Right on track. Ten more days of the perfect schedule here at home before a weekend work trip to New York where I'm speaking at a seminar. That will throw my sleeping schedule off a bit, but diet will be easy to follow. Then it's off for 10 days in Florida at Joel's house.

Time to take advantage of consistency while being at home.

Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tips:
Every time you lose, you win. You learn what temptations and obstacles you must avoid. You discover what doesn't work so that you don't repeat that mistake in the future. You get closer to recognizing the right rules for your life. You go forward with confidence in your plans, knowing that you will make the right decision. You are stronger, not weaker, better, not broken. You are wiser for having tried and failed.

A full life is one lived with many experiences. Some will be great, but there will be a few disasters along the way. It's alright. Count them as lessons learned, not failures lost. Look at everything that you do the right way. The past has made you into the great person you are today. Use today's lessons to make you even better tomorrow. Stay strong. Push on.

We believe in you,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT

PS - There's some incredible stories...

...being told on my favorite Facebook page these days -

Photo: There's some incredible stories being told on my favorite Facebook page these days -

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