Friday, October 03, 2014

The Back in Canada Squat and Bodyweight Workout

We cross over 18,000 reps today on my journey to 33,333 in my 12 week bodyweight program. This was also week 1 of my new lifting program. The workout at the local YMCA went like this.

Warmups of

1A) Squat
1B) Burpee
1C) Pushups
1D) Pullups

2B) Box Jump
2C) Pullups

Today's workout bodyweight reps:

597 reps

250 squats
245 pushups
52 pullups
50 burpees

Work Update:

I have stopped checking 'work' emails on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. This opens up Tuesday and Thursday so I will be able to write more. Sunday is a Device-Free Day. If I do any work, it is done on paper, or it is reading back issues of magazines or good books.

Going forward, I also plan to schedule all of my travel for Weekends, Tuesdays and Thursdays to reduce friction.

On non-email days emergencies are dealt with via phone or text (or the emergency email I have connected to my phone that few people know).

It's all part of my weird system that helps me avoid the temptation of time wasting that occurs when I allow myself to open my work inbox.

What has been the result?

On M & W I'm able to get through 70 emails in 60 minutes - with 10 of those emails usually from Stansberry and another 6-10 are from myself and another 6 are from BioTrust/Joel. On Fridays it takes a little longer to get through my inbox because I respond to my coaching emails with pub partners, FBBC partners, and Mastermind members.

Overall, using this new email system along with the "Weekly Planning" approach (here: has made me feel that I've gotten the same amount of work done by 4pm each day instead of 5:30pm.

That doesn't sound like a big deal, but it feels really good and has significantly reduced stress (not that I was stressed out, but still always felt like I was running a little late at the end of the day).

I now have time for pleasure reading before dinner, and can get out for a social dinner at least one more night a week (4 opportunities instead of 3).

This combo has been really, really great.

I hope you can apply some of these techniques to your life.

Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tip:

Consistency is key. Never quit. If you stumble, get back up. Whether yesterday was good, bad, or a downright disaster, it doesn't matter. Get back on track. Chin up, head up, spirits up. You know what to do. Get social support to help you make it through the dip and overcome dark days. Focus on what you can do right. Plan two solutions for every obstacle life will throw in your way today. Set a deadline, hit those deadlines, and reward yourself when you do. Stay strong and keep on pushing on, because what else are you going to do? Quit? No. Never. Not you.

Never quit,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT

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12 week cumulative total:

15,000 Bodyweight Squats
  • 8735
10,000 Pushups
  • 5762
3,000 Bodyweight Rows
  • 1853
2,000 Pullups
  • 558
1,500 Burpees
  • 895
1,500 Chinups
  • 515
333 Handstand Pushups
  • 179
= 18,587/33,333 reps

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