Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sadly skip this snack

I really do love this "healthy" snack (I used to eat it all the time on airplanes while flying to my TT events), but unfortunately I must admit it's actually one of the worst snacks for your waistline. I'm talking about trail mix, even the organic, "super-healthy" varieties that you find at the health food stores.

Why is it so bad?  Here are just a few reasons:

1. Trail mixes--which almost always include raisins, cranberries, or some other dried fruit--are LOADED with sugar.  Add in chocolate via chocolate-covered almonds, yogurt-covered nuts and raisins, and or just plain ol' M&Ms, and you're in even worse shape.

For instance, its not uncommon for a mere 1/2 cup of trail mix to contain upwards of 30 grams of sugar! And yes, that includes organic trail mix!  Organic sugar is still sugar, ya know...

2. Trail mix is also very high calorie.  This is partly due to the sugar content, but when you also add in the high fat content from the nuts, that same 1/2 cup of trail mix easily packs in over 300 calories per 1/2 cup.  That's more fat, sugar, and calories than ice cream!

3. Beyond that, trail mix commits the cardinal sin of combining loads of fats and carbs (in this case the worst kind - sugar) with very little protein content.
Carbs increase your "fat storage hormone" insulin, and fat increases the fatty acid content in your combining high-glycemic carbs and high-fat content together is a troublesome recipe for fat storage.

If you're looking to get a flat belly fast, and you're relying on high sugar, high-sugar, high-fat snacks with little protein (like trail mix) will slow your results dramatically.

Instead, go with raw nuts & a little shredded coconut (and maybe some cacao nibs) for a healthy snack without all that added sugar. For your sweet tooth, sip on something sweet like a stevia-sweetened tea or lemonade. Yum!

Now, before I go, you've probably heard that "white" foods are also bad for your waistline and fatloss efforts, right? Well, that's actually NOT true. You can actually eat LOADS of white foods and still get a flat stomach. 
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Eat lots of the right foods to lose fat,
Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
PS - Stay strong this week!
Measure PROGRESS, not perfection. Understand you will never reach perfection...but you must celebrate your journey as you improve from point A to point B. Make each day better than your last. Win a victory today. Move ahead. Stay strong. Get stronger. You can do it. I believe in YOU.

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