Wednesday, October 08, 2014

20 minute myth and 4 minute miracle

One of the silliest CARDIO MYTHS that you hear in the gym is this:
"You have to exercise for 20 minutes before you burn fat."
That's ridiculous. It makes no sense. You are burning fat every single minute of every single day. Sometimes you are burning more fat than other times - like in the Afterburn period of today's 4-minute workout - but you are never not burning fat.
Of course, there are times when you are burning LESS fat than other times because of bad food combinations. If you want to lose as much fat as humanly possible in just 7 days, please read this article:
Yesterday morning, after I read that article (at the link above) and walked ol' Bally the Dog, I went out to the garage gym for a bodyweight workout. I did some handstand pushups and TRX rows, and then finished with a 4-minute bodyweight circuit. In 4-minutes you will boost your metabolism and burn over 15 calories per minute (not including the calories from the Afterburn!).
Your 4-Minute "Hump Day" Fat Burner 

1) Total Body Extension - 30 seconds
2) Prisoner Squat - 30 seconds
3) Close-Grip Pushup - 30 seconds (or Pushup Plank if you can't do pushups)
4) Split Squats - 30 seconds per side
5) Rocking Plank - 30 seconds
6) Mountain Climbers - 30 seconds
7) Burpees or Total Body Extensions - 30 seconds
I was loving this so much that I did 3 rounds of the circuit with a minute of rest between the circuit.
But you will still lose fat if you do just one 4-minute circuit and combine it with this diet.
Finish the week strong!
Fast and fun fat burning,
Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
PS - Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tip...
Stop dabbling. Get serious. Attack your #1 priority. Avoiding problems will not make the situation better. Take action and attack them head-on instead. Prepare for it tonight. Work on it first thing in the morning. Focus on big levers. Eliminate all else..."When you put one of your life's goals above all others, things change. Situations that used to seem complicated are suddenly simple." – Mark Ford ... Keep on pushing on! Never give up on solving the important problems in your life. You CAN do it!


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Sam Mk said...

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