Monday, June 02, 2014

5 new exercises not to do

Before we get to the exercises, here's a funny photo that I snapped at the end
of my Sunday morning workout in Toronto...because sometimes you need an
escalator IN the gym? Ha! Actually, it worked great, because the squat rack
was upstairs and I did a killer leg workout. I needed the help getting down. ;)
Now on to those 5 exercises you must avoid. I recently worked with Men's
Health on an article about:

"What are five exercises that trainers hate, and what smart
replacements are for each?

My answers on the Five Exercises Not to Do:

1) Weighted Situps

Why: These are terrible for the low back/spine, as shown by
research from Dr. Stuart McGill. These exercises compress
the discs in your spine and can cause serious low back injuries.
Alternatives: Stability Ball or Power Wheel Rollout, TRX
Mountain Climbers, Plank or Bodysaw/Rocking Plank, or Stability
Ball Plank (30% harder on your abs than a regular plank)
2) Triceps Bench Dips
Do NOT do triceps dips with your hands on the bench behind you and
your feet out in front of you. These are incredibly dangerous for your
shoulder joint and guaranteed to send you to the doctor. They are not
worth it at all.
Alternatives: Close-Grip Pushups, Plank-to-Triceps Extensions, and
lying dumbbell triceps extensions (don't waste your time with "kickbacks")

3) Broomstick Twists

People still do these? Why? They are useless. Absolutely useless.
In addition you MUST avoid all of those rotary ab machines at your
gym. They are dangerous for your low back and they do nothing but
make your waist BIGGER! Avoid those machines completely.

Alternative: Cross body mountain climbers, spiderman climbs,
side plank (really effective when done with a TRX)

4) Military Style Pushups - with elbows flared out to the side

If your body forms a T-shape when you do pushups, you're putting
your poor rotator cuff under a tremendous amount of stress. Just like
those triceps dips, you will end up in the doctor's office.
Alternative: Fix your push-ups by bringing your elbows in closer to your
sides so that your upper-body forms an upside-down V-shape when you
do pushups.

5) Slow boring cardio, especially the Elliptical machine 
Why? It doesn't work for fat loss and research shows that cardio machines
over-estimate your calorie burning by 20% for treadmills and up to 42%
for the elliptical machine.
Cardio is ineffective and a complete waste of time

Alternative: Intervals, metabolic conditioning, bodyweight
circuits, burpees

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Hope that helps,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

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