Wednesday, June 18, 2014

3 ways to fix slow metabolism

According to Facebook, 86% of our 145,000 fans of Turbulence Training are women. In addition, 3 out of 4 female TT fans is between the ages of 35-55. So it's no surprise that I get this question EVERY day:
"Is there anything I can do to fix my slow metabolism? Should I do more cardio everyday?"
The answers are: 1) YES! and 2) NO!
You never need to do cardio again. Instead, follow these three rules - courtesy of Shawna Kaminski, Master Certified Turbulence Trainer. Her secrets will FIX your slow metabolism in just 3 days. And when you do that, you'll burn stubborn fat from your arms, thighs, and waist.
Rule #1 - Eat More Protein: Research shows that eating more animal protein, like delicious steak, chicken thighs, your favorite type of eggs, pork, and fish increases your metabolism MORE than eating yucky soy protein.
Rule #2: STOP doing long, slow cardio: Research shows that slow cardio makes you hungry and that is one of the reasons that women gain weight when they do cardio. Plus, cardio slows your fat burning hormones.
Shawna's proven metabolism-boosting, fat burning workout system is Turbulence Training approved. In fact, Shawna is 1 of just 10 Master-Level Certified Turbulence Trainers in the world. Her expertise is as good as it gets...and while you probably can't fly to her city each day for a workout in her legendary bootcamps, you can train with her workout secrets at home.
Get them here today before the price doubles at midnight:
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Shawna is the world's "go-to" fat loss expert for women over 40.
Her program is guaranteed to work for you, no matter how many other diets and DVD's you've tried.
Fix your slow metabolism today,
Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
PS - I was shocked at this... are the stats from the TT Facebook page. That gives me a lot of ideas on how I can serve YOU better. The first place is to start by getting more fat burning advice from Shawna here.

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