Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Truth About Abs

Abs. Everyone has them. YES, even you.
No matter what level of 'insulation' you have over your 
six-pack, I guarantee your abs are under there.
But NO amount of crunching will bring them to the surface.

Yesterday, I watched three nice folks waste almost an hour in
their workouts at the YMCA in my hometown of Stratford,
Ontario. (This gym was featured in Bieber's movie, in case your
kids ever made you watch that, LOL).

These folks did endless sit-ups, and then diagonal sit-ups, and then
the ab crunch machine, and then floor crunches of all kinds.

It was really sad.

You know why?
Because NONE of those ab exercises work!

And here's the truth...

They've had abs before...just like YOU have...back when
you were slim in college or high school.

But tell me, how many sit-ups and crunches did you do then?

NONE, of course.

Of course, you didn't do any 'planking' or 'stability ball rollouts'
back then either. 
No ab exercise is magic.
But you were active. Moving. Doing interval training while
playing sports or helping out around the house with yardwork.
It's those TOTAL-body moves that make a big difference in
helping you lose belly fat and get flat, sexy abs.
And of course, your metabolism allowed you to eat whatever
you wanted. So here's how you re-create your youthful abs...
What works for getting abs is this, and this alone:

The combination of metabolic resistance training and
fat loss nutrition. Add my unique total-body ab exercises
to the mix and you'll have a flat stomach and six-pack abs.
That's the Final Word on Six Pack Abs.
Hopefully this is the last email I'll ever have to send 
out explaining why crunches just won't cut it if you
want to get a sexy flat stomach and six pack abs.
The bottom line is that for less than the price of a footlong sub
and a sugary drink, you can get abs at home with this plan:
a) 12 weeks of at-home metabolic resistance training workouts
b) The Advanced Abdominal Nutrition Guidelines & Meal
Plans for Men & Women from Isabel De Los Rios, Holistic Nutritionist
c)  Bodyweight Abs - The Home & Hotel Ab Workout You Can Do
Without ANY Equipment
d) 6-Minute Abs (7 shocking ways to work your abs in 6 minutes)
e)  The TT Abs 300 Workout Challenge
Each one of these is worth $29.95 on its own, but for less than 10 bucks
you'll get the entire abs fat loss package today.
But hurry, this get-ready-for-summer-abs celebration sale ends
at midnight, and the price triples.
When compared to driving to the gym ($3 gas) and getting a
Starbucks on the way ($4.50), this "at home abs program"
is already cheaper (and more effective) after just one day.
Turn back the clock today,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
Creator, TT for Abs

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