Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Never do this in a workout

On the weekend, while hanging out with 2-year old Lily Marion, I learned that one thing you should never do is make a baby cry. But that's what I did on Monday. Ooops.
The story about that in just a moment...but first, here's another thing you should NEVER do in an intense workout.
Listen, anyone can make themselves puke in a workout. But when I hear people bragging about this, it makes ME sick. It's wrong, wrong, wrong.
That's NOT the purpose of a workout. That's not good training.
In fact, that's BAD program design. 
When it comes to hard workouts, MORE does not equal better.
You don't need to train at 110% intensity all of the time. If you try, you'll end up injured or exhausted. And then you'll miss your workouts and end up in worse shape than ever before.
Check this out...it's a lesson on what happens when you train too much:
Why train too hard and too long when you can get great results in just 1/3 the time? That's what you can get from GREAT program design.
Even pro athletes only train with High-Intensity three to four times per week, and they often only get 15-20 minutes of court time or ice time in the NBA or NHL.
And then they focus on RECOVERY. This is so overlooked in most programs, but not in mine. That's why you only train 3-4 times per week with my system, and in programs from other smart trainers like Yuri Elkaim.
That's why I recommend watching Yuri's Warrior Workout video. He'll show you how to do an intense workout to get you in wicked shape, but... 
Without killing yourself in the process.
The result? You'll get BETTER results with  fewer injuries and less fatigue.
Part of the beauty of this NEW program is that it's only 4 weeks long and can also be used as an "injection" or "stimulus package" to rev up your body, stimulate your metabolism, and get you out of a rut.
In fact, Yuri's so certain about the results you'll get with his program that you won't pay a single penny if you aren't in the best shape of your life in just 4 weeks.
As long as you follow the plan you're pretty much guaranteed incredible fitness results. If want to get in amazing shape in just 4 weeks without burning out, overtraining, getting injured, or hitting a plateau, this is a great option.
And because Yuri is a smart trainer, he's giving all TT readers 50% off his Warrior Workout today.
Train smarter to get better results <----------- 50="" div="" ends="" off="" tomorrow="">
You can get Warrior Fit without overtraining.
Now that's smart program design.
Train hard but safe,
Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
PS - Now let me tell you the rest of the story...
...I started earlier. As you know, I spent Easter weekend visiting my friend Joel Marion (it was his birthday) down in Tampa, Florida. 
Actually, I just went to hang out with his daughter, Lily. But when it's time to go,  I'm always sad to leave the Marion household.
As it turns out, Lily Marionz was also sad. When she found out I had left and gone home, she started to cry, and kept on saying, "Craig. No home. No home."
Very cute. I'll be back soon, but who knows if she'll even remember me.

Always good times with Lily.
And with Joel in the garage gym that he has set up. I put us through this workout, that I call, "The Joel Marion 600 Rep Challenge". It's another great one, and so simple.

The Joel Marion 600 Rep Challenge
1) 25 Kettlebell Swings
2) 25 Bodyweight Squats
3) 10 Med Ball Slams
- Repeat for 10 rounds with 30 seconds between rounds.
- Train hard but safe! Rest longer if needed.
PPS - Get more Warrior Fit Workouts like that one here:
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You won't be disappointed.

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