Monday, January 23, 2012

6-Week ShapeShifter Challenge

What's so special about March 6th?

It's exactly 6 weeks from today.

And it only took 6 weeks for Elly -- star "Shapeshifter" from Huntington Beach, California -- to strip a total of 19.5 inches of flab from her body with ZERO equipment.

You see her photos in an article called, "Why Losing Weight Never Works", by Adam Steer.

==> Here's the article and the exact program Elly used

Elly went from feeling embarrassed about wearing a bathing suit to looking forward to opportunities to show off her new body. And her story just keeps getting better...

"I've lost 29 pounds in and I never thought I'd feel this confident or sexy again at the age of 48," Elly said.

Imagine if you could say the same thing in just 6 weeks from now...without ever stepping foot in a gym.

The feeling will be priceless...

==> The system Elly used to drop 29 lbs <== No gym required

And if you need an extra incentive, YOU've got it.

You'll also get TWO TT Metabolic booster programs to help you get fast results now AND you'll save 33% on the price of the ShapeShifter program this week only.

==> Save 33% and get two TT bonus programs with the no-gym program here

I want to read YOUR Shapeshifter success story on March 6th.

Let's get this started today,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Certified Turbulence Trainer


Julie said...

Congratulations to Elly! I'm looking to lose about 18 inches in flab by spring break. Looks like a great program!

Dean Marney said...

Craig---I know you love these guys but you might consider letting people know that their nutritional program is intermittent fasting which isn't appropriate for everyone.

I bought their program, realized what it was, asked for my money back and got it. I applaud their customer service but a little more info up-front would have saved us all time and effort.