Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Bikini Transformation Tips

Well, I spent the weekend at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego doing some social science research (that's what I call standing around the pool party and talking to girls)...

...and I stumbled across 1 surprising characteristic that you must have if you want to look your best in a bikini or swimsuit - in fact, this one little secret will help you look even more attractive than a magazine model. Trust me. I'll share that tip below.

But first, I want you to go to this website:

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That's where you'll get Holly Rigsby's complete guide to getting your bikini body, including the top 10 tips you must follow to get your bikini body for summer.

It is the best free content anyone in the fitness industry has ever given out.

You'll discover...

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So grab that here:

=> Holly's Free Transformation Kit for You

Now for my #1 tip on looking good in a bikini (and how to get the attention of guys - if that's what you want).

The key is...

...are you ready?

It's just one word:


My friend and I stood out at the pool on Saturday afternoon for about 2 hours and we talked to dozens of guys and girls about who they thought was the most attractive girl around the pool.

And you know what? The answer was NOT the "Playboy" girls who were there hosting the party. Instead, most guys and girls said the girls who were out having fun and looking and acting confident were the most attractive girls at the party.

So it's not just about being "skinny".

It's actually about looking and feeling confident and being fun. Of course, it helps when you can boost your confidence about your body with expert tips like the ones Holly is giving you.


Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training

PS - When you get Holly's 10 tips...

...you'll also get invited to her LIVE Summer Transformation Kick Off Teleseminar on Thursday, June 3rd where she'll share 12 more fat burning tips to get your body ready for summer in just 21 days.

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Frank Dobner said...

Hey nice contribution. Well, I of course do not wear a bikini, but I am a big fan of bikini's. A bikini with a smile is a good combo. Send samples.