Monday, October 02, 2017

Head Cold and Leg Workout

Got hit with a head cold yesterday and I crashed early. Today I feel much better and so, perhaps unwisely, I did a moderately hard workout. Oh well, I have a long flight later and wanted to have a great session.

1A) Ball Curl
1B) Ball Rollout

2A) Leg Curl Machine
2B) Smith Machine Shrug

3) DB Reverse Lunge

Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tip:

=> How to Get Up Early (Consistently!)

1. Set a reverse alarm

Set this for 60 minutes before bedtime. This is as important as your morning alarm. When the evening reverse alarm goes off, you'll start your wind-down routine.

An hour before bed, you should shut off all devices (i.e. no more screen time). Take a long shower, brush your teeth, put your sleep clothes on.

Add whatever steps you want to this, but every step should serve one purpose: preparing for bed.

This routine will, over time, cue your body to start feeling tired. That's exactly what you want.

2. Get the best night's sleep possible

How? It's actually pretty simple:

- Stop using all electronics, email, iPad, iPhone, etc. 1 hour before bed
- Make your lunch for the next day (optional)
- Take a bath (optional)
- Read to—or talk to—your kids
- Catch with spouse/partner
- Read a real book or magazine to make you sleepy
- Snuggle with spouse/partner

Use these simple tips to make it a great week filled with Perfect Days!

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