Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Head Cold and Apartment Time

The flight home from Seattle to Toronto went well. I've never flown that route before so it was neat. It's a little shorter of a flight than going to LA, which I do all the time.

Last night I got in to my sister's house at 8:30. The head cold wasn't bothering me too much, and I crashed hard. I slept till 5am, and that was helpful. The cold seems to be receding further today, which is surprising, because most of my colds usually last longer.

But I didn't train today (yet). I might, but I doubt it. It'll probably be a day off with a long walk taken later.

I also moved into a new apartment in Toronto, and I need to get a gym membership. I'll probably do that later today as I get some other stuff done in the neighborhood.

Tomorrow we bench!

Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tip is an interesting lesson...

What are the greatest accomplishments you want to achieve
in the next 20 years for each of your top values in life?

Then you see my answers to this question for what I have labeled as the four top values in everyone's life.

Value #1 – Family

For me, my greatest family value accomplishment is to find my beautiful wife and have two or more amazing children.

Now if you read that fast it might look like it says I want to have two or more wives. That is not the case. One will be enough!

As you can imagine, with this as my goal for my #1 value in life, it dictates almost every decision I make ... I travel less for business, I work less, and I don't spend my weekends hiding behind my computer.

Value #2 – Health

I want to feel like I'm 17 forever, as I do today at age 42. This drives what I eat, how much I sleep, and my commitment to daily movement.

Value #3 – Wealth

I'm aiming to add so much value to the world that I build a $10 million net worth, that will give me and my family the financial freedom for a great life, as well as the ability to donate significant amounts of money to the three causes greatest to me: Shriners Hospital, Toys for Tots, and my local hospital in Stratford, Ontario.

Value #4 – Experiences

I'm a lucky man having experienced many bucket list-style items. I no longer care about those. Instead, what matters to me, aside from family experiences, is writing 3 more books that have as big – or bigger – of an impact as my book, The Perfect Day Formula.

Those are my values. You can see how they clearly dictate what I should do with my time. I can judge the opportunities that come my way with a clear and concise yardstick.

Does a bachelor party trip for a friend fit into my schedule based on my values? No, I'm sorry. It doesn't.

Does filming a new set of exercise DVDs for my old fitness business fit in? No. Someone else can do that.

My clear and concise values dictate that I construct my day around my writing, my health, and family time.

Once you write down your values then your daily schedule will become much more clear to you.

You'll also give yourself permission to say NO without hesitation or guilt.

That's one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself in life.

Because remember...

If you want to do GREAT things, you have to do FEWER things.

You must know your values and vision so they drive all decisions in life.

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Craig Ballantyne
Author, The Perfect Day Formula


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