Friday, February 12, 2016

Happy Ballantyne's Day Weekend

Woof, woof!10

Ol' Bally the Dog here, and guess what?

This weekend is BALLANTYNE'S Day!

That's right, February 14th is Ballantyne's Day... what have you been calling it? wink

Bally the dog sweaterIt's going to be another Perfect Day of celebrating.
It all starts before sunrise when ol' CB comes downstairs.
He gives me a little pat on the head and scratch behind the ears... and maybe a belly rub too, if I've been a good boy.
Then I go back to sleep.
Bally the Dog, 2006, 1st and
Two hours later we go for a long walk into                   only time wearing a sweater!
 town and then I getz my breakfast!!!
1st day bally
After breakfast, it's... back to bed.
Then it's lunch, and then...
Around 3pm we go for another walk, a few                               The very 1st day I
sets of barking, and of course, I roll in the snow.                      brought him home

By then I'm hungry (again!) and it's time for dinner, followed with some begging for scraps at the dinner table.

And then, because it's been a "long day," it's time for me to curl up in front of the Ballantyne Family fireplace and...

Zzzzzzz. smiley

What a Perfect Day, and it all starts with Perfect Planning.

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