Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Upper body pump workout

You're going to see a lot of Mini-Workout Challenges like
this in my new programs, including the new TT Meatheads
"Spring Training"
program coming out March 1st.
But for now, if you simply did the Pull-up and Dip challenge
below, you'll get an amazing upper body pump.

Here's what you will do...

1) As many pullups as possible in 8 minutes. But don't hit
failure on your first sets because that causes early onset
fatigue and stops you from getting as many as you can.

After 2 minutes rest, move to:

2) As many dips can you do in 4 minutes. These dips are done
on parallel bars with a slight forward lean and by bringing
your knees toward your chest. This reduces shoulder stress.

Do NOT ever use shoulder destroying bench dips.

Why not? Here's why, according to my friend and smartest
man in fitness, Bill Hartman:

"The bench dip requires excessive shoulder extension and
puts the shoulder in an unstable position, while stressing
the subscapularis muscle (part of the rotator cuff) and the
AC joint. It's also a crap exercise for overload

But back to the muscle-pump superset...

Coincidentally, my scores for each were 56 reps. That's 56 pull-ups
in 8-minutes and 56 dips in 4 minutes. With the pull-ups, it breaks
down like this:

2x5, 1x4,9x3,7x2, & 1

For dips, the reps per set are higher, but I go to about 2/3
of failure on the first set, and then try to keep doing
another set every 10-15 seconds.

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Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

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