Saturday, February 09, 2013

#1 fat loss food in a bag

Funny story.
Yesterday I drove from the old farm down to Lapeer, Michigan to film
more follow-along bodyweight workouts for you. It was awesome.
On my way, I had to pass through customs and show them my work visa.
"So what makes you so special?", the customs officer asked as he inspected
my O-1 (O literally stands for "Outstanding").
"I'm a fitness expert and writer for Men's Health magazine," I replied.
"Oh. I've given them a lot of money over the years," the young customs
guy said. (I didn't know what to say!) Then he held up a bag of a
TT-approved fat loss food, and added, "But I learned to eat these!"
I gave him the thumbs up and he sent me on my way. His snack is the 
ONLY fat loss food that comes in a bag. You'll find it on page 13 here.

As you know, you should outlaw almost all foods from a bag or a box,
but this Customs officer chose the only one that you can eat. 

PLUS, when you go to that link, my good friend and top nutrition
expert Joel Marion reveals his #1 flat belly food, and over 22 other
delicious foods that you can begin eating -- and enjoying -- TODAY...
to lose more stomach flab fast.

Download your free copy in 2 seconds here:

==> The #1 Food for a Flat Belly (and 22 other flab-melting foods)
After filming all those workouts, I grabbed some of the same food that
the customs office was eating. It kept me full for hours on the ride home
and for the 30-minute hike in the snow I took with ol' Bally the Dog.
Good times. Hope you had a great - and safe - weekend. If you were 
hit by a snow storm out east, stay strong and warm-up before you go
shoveling any snow. Lift with your knees, not your back!

Stay strong and lean,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
PS - I'll be honest...
...right now I could be eating pizza and chicken wings
and I would STILL be burning belly fat - all because
of the amazing bodyweight workouts we filmed yesterday.
The 4-Minute Leg Muscle Miracle workout smoked my quads,
and the I punished my upper body with a 4-minute muscle test.
Stay tuned for those workout videos in 14 days (if you are
a Home Workout Revolution member).
Plus we're working on a ton of bodyweight exercise and
workout Youtube videos.
We're back on the video scene hard-core these days.

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