Monday, February 25, 2013

free seminar with Craig on NEW methods

Good news.

The dates have been set for the 3rd Turbulence Training
, and as a Certified TT Trainer, you would get to
attend this event for FREE.

It will be June 21-22nd, in San Diego, California.
We just wrapped up the contract with an amazing hotel where
we'll be doing morning bootcamps outdoors high above the
San Diego skyline. It's going to be magical.
Martin Rooney, the world-famous and HIGH-energy "Training
For Warriors
" guru is our guest speaker.
I'll be sharing all of my latest workouts - including the "Grindhouse
" - plus the Four Pillars to Transformation that you - and your
clients - MUST have in your life to succeed and make BIG changes.
Plus, I'll be joined by Bedros Keuilian and all of the superstar
trainers in the TT world like Mike Whitfield, Brian Kalakay,
Catherine Gordon, and Scott Rawcliffe.

If you're not TT Certified, you'll still be allowed to join
us at the event, but it will cost you a few hundred bucks,
and you won't get the sweet goody bag or VIP access.

This your last chance to join the TT Certification before
we take a big break from accepting new TT Trainers.
Get TT Certified here <= Gets you free access to TT Trainer Summit
Now I know some potential TT Trainers had questions about
the TT Certification, so here they are with my answers:

Q - "Hi Craig, I run a boot camp and am considering your
TT certification. We do mostly body weight and some equipment other than that necessary? Space
is an issue. Thanks." - Kristina


Hi Kristina, thanks for your question and interest. There
will be no problem. The certification shows you how to get
better results for your clients no matter what - and shows
you how to get more clients too.

Q - "Hi Craig, any plans to extend this certification within
Asia?" - Francisco


Francisco, there is no geographical limitation. Everything
is done by online video, so you can get started immediately,
no matter where you are in the world.

Q - "How does the cert work are there exams/tests etc after
watching the DVDs?" - Lisa


Yes Lisa, there is a 3-part exam. The first part is multiple
choice, the second is 5 essay questions, and the 3rd part
is an 8-week fat loss program design choosing from one of
three case studies. I will mark all of these personally.
Looking forward to yours.

Q - "So, what is the time line on this? How long will it take
to learn the program, prepare for, and take the exam? Can I
do this on a part-time basis? Is there still room?" - Shelley


Hi Shelley, there is still room, but the Certification is
closing down tonight so I can work with the new trainers
and mark their exams - it takes a while.

As for the exam, there is about 15 hours worth of video to
watch. You can do this on your own schedule and then submit
the exam and program design that must be completed.

Alright, that's it for now, I think. Really excited to work
with you on this.
Get TT Certified here <= Only this gets you FREE access to TT Trainer Summit

If you still have any remaining questions, just hit reply
or email us at

Looking forward to seeing you,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT, MS
Creator, Turbulence Training Certification

PS - See you in San Diego this June.

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