Thursday, February 07, 2013

New workout

On Tuesday morning I received a frantic email from an editor
at Men's Health magazine.

"I need a tough, 4-week fat burning workout program for our
website by Thursday. We can pay $1000, and it also needs an
explanation of why it works
," she said.

No problem, I replied, and dipped into my workout toolbox to
come up with the best program for their needs.
Then I quoted 5-6 studies to support my fat burning design.

I'm sure no other trainer that she works with does this. They
probably just send sets and reps and lamely say, "Well, that's
just how we do it at our gym

But at TT, one of our core values is Science-Based Innovation.

We deliver the best workouts to YOU based on science so that you
get RESULTS. And we do this with programs like the new Home
Workout Revolution System.

=> <= sale ends TONIGHT

NO-equipment. NO-excuses. NO-bull.
Just science, experience, and energy to give you RESULTS.

Oh, and it doesn't cost $1000, either. It's a better deal
than any follow-along workout system in the world.

As TT reader Mike Ross said about the program, "It's superior
to the infomercial programs both in number of workouts and
the fact you don't need equipment, which is huge

You'll love these PROVEN workouts that you can do anytime,
anywhere, to burn fat and improve your fitness and endurance.

You'll never need to go to the gym again.


Hurry, the price increases at midnight tonight.

Burn your belly fat with science,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
PS - Don't forget about the 4-minute miracles...
...that you'll get as a bonus. These new workouts will be ready
for you in a few weeks.

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