Thursday, July 23, 2009

My First Handstand Pushup

Good little workout this morning, and I did my first set of handstand pushups. Good times. (Still using the wall for support, of course. Hopefully free style in the next few weeks.)

After a round of Convict Conditioning – and doing my first 2 handstand pushups – I made a "Shamrock Shake".

Seriously, it looked like the McDonalds St. Patrick's day shakes, and consisted of...

  • a lot of pineapple
  • spinach and kale
  • almond milk
  • sunflower seeds.

It tasted and looked a little weird, but not too bad - I'm not going to call this a "blender drink gone bad".

Along with that, I had an almond butter and blueberry sandwich on whole grain bread. Later in the morning I had oat groats with peanut butter, blueberries, and a peach.

Then I had an apple, some vegetables and hummus.

Then lunch:

Big boy salad: spinach, black beans, 1/2 avocado, onion, black olives, broccoli, 1 piece of bread, 1c almond milk. Followed up with an apple.

Good times,


PS - Veggie Meal Plans come out on Monday.


Niel K. Patel said...

Nice job on the handstand push-ups.

Casey said...

Congrats man!

Try checking out a website called

That's all they do is stuff like handstand pushups, one arm pullups... They have good ways to train up to doing some pretty crazy stuff!

Darren McDuffie said...

Never treid any greens in my shake..may have to try this.

Wild Geese said...

Fair play, been doing a lot of handstand pushups myself recently. Shoulders seem to like them better than open chain pressing moves with weights (unless I'm jerking Kettlebells!)
I'll echo the Beast skills site, it's an eye opener!

Best of luck

Elliot Wilson said...

Well done Craig! All the best for heading towards doing them freestyle - I not evening doing wall assisted handstand push ups yet, but I imagine freestyle would be at lest twice as hard.

@Casey is a great site, the amazing skill on there is handstand clapping push ups, now we're talking!!