Friday, July 31, 2009

Hotel Gym Workout & Bodyweight Circuits Program

Just added the August monthly workouts to Turbulence Training Members Forum.

You'll get the "TT Mini-Bodyweight Circuits" (pictured) and the TT Meatheads IV: Get Lean and Jacked programs.

But first, a little rundown on my 6am workout today...

I did a hotel gym workout (but all the gym had was db's to 50lbs - no pullup bars or even seated row):

1A) 5x20 db elbow-out rows with 50's
1B) 5x8 1-arm db shoulder press with 50's

2A) DB 1-leg rdl - 2x12
2B) Decline pushups - 2x20

3A) DB Split Squats (adductors were still darn sore from Wednesday barbell squats)
3B) DB curls

Breakfast: oatmaeal, raisins, almonds, 1 apple.

Yesterday I did some convict conditioning. Tomorrow I will sleep in till 7am and not train. Sunday I'll do Convict Conditioning again.

I'm actually at a seminar with Dragon Door owner, John Du Cane, the guy who is publishing Convict Conditioning. He says it will be out in 2 months. Hold tight...

Until then, try the new "Cute as a Bunny" Mini Bodyweight Circuits.

Cute lil' mini-bodyweight circuit workouts. If these workouts were an animal, they'd be a bunny. Or a baby Bally.

Think you can't get results in just 15 minutes using only 3 exercises? Well, take the mini-bodyweight circuit workout challenge.

And yes, for all those folks that want more exercise, there's some additional circuit training planned out for you if you just can't stick to 3 exercises.


Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS


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dave said...

Thanks for the tips,I love that idea!

Jason Chiero - The Training Genius said...

I am glad you are helping people to understand they can workout wherever they are with simple equipment and a creative mind.

Most of the workouts I give for my clients can be done anywhere with little equipment expense.

Good Work!


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