Thursday, December 28, 2017

People and Yoga and Bally Birthdays

Yesterday was an off-day of just yoga and a 30-minute walk in the bitter cold on the farm.

Today is Bally's birthday, so there will be lots of celebrations. :)

Also did this workout:

1A) 1-Arm KB Overhead Press
1B) Box Jump

2A) DB Chest-Supported Row
2B) Yoga (to let the grip recover)
2C) DB Reverse Lunge

3A) DB Triceps Extension
3B) Yoga (to let triceps recover)
3C) Crow Pose

Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tip:
"If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." - Wayne Dyer

PS -

People always ask me, "Craig, what do you do for fun?"

My answer is that I simply love to meet interesting people.

And so at the end of every December I like to list all of the new and exciting people that I've met in-person over the past year.

So much gratitude for everyone on this list.

(Special thanks to Jason Ferruggia, Joe Polish, and Bedros Keuilian for making so many introductions.)

NOTE: This list is in relatively random order!

Sharran Srivatsaa – Great friend, inspirational business role model and leader, and coaching client that is just scratching the surface of his full potential.

Sol Orwell – Did we just meet this year? Seems like decades. Thanks for being one of the most interesting men in the world. And cookies. Thanks for loving cookies.

UJ Ramdas – Thoughtful and inspiring creator of the 5-Minute Journal, lover of great Toronto restaurants (thanks for the recommendations!), and helpful critic of my Perfect Life Workshop program.

Becky Lynch & Luke Saunders – Worldwide superstars ... so much love and energy... and so many lessons to learn from them about persistence and passion for what they do.

Amy Sessions Ledin – Amazing mom, fantastic coach, and inspiring fighter. So excited to see what 2018 will bring for you now that so many of the obstacles are out of the way. (Erik Ledin, you're okay too :) ... but I've know you forever.)

Sasha Larkin – You are awesome. So grateful to have met you and looking forward to more time with you and Tim Larkin in 2018.

Jesse Itzler – Awesome to see the 100 Mile Man speak ... he's hilarious... and great to catch up after. Thanks to Shanda Sumpter for helping with the connection.

Matthew Del Negro – The man who stole the show at the Perfect Life Retreat this year... Very grateful for you, your podcast, your persistence, and your vision for 2018. It's gonna be a great year for you.

Casey Arnold – You are all heart! You're generosity, love, knowledge, and persistence are going to pay off big time for you in 2018. Can't wait to watch you grow.

Wayne Sutherland – My man... Thank you for taking Massive Action. Looking forward to you dominating your path in 2018. Your opportunity is here, boss!

Mike Liambas – Technically we've never met, but grateful for the Liambas family connections and hospitality. Keep fighting, good sir!

Mary Shenouda – Rockstar. Thanks for your wisdom and inspiration and all the Sunday Santa Monica brunch adventures.

Kamal Ravikant – Looking forward to a proper meet-up in 2018 ... and meeting your Silver Lab, too!

Becky Beck – OMG Becky. Thank you for being so awesome.

Claire & Joy from GirlsGoneWod – Instant best friends. Love the sass and snark. Thanks for having me on the show.

Chris Harder – Dude, it's like we've been friends forever. Thanks for bringing your Midwestern-ness to the West Coast and coaching so many people to world domination.  Here's to an even bigger, more abundant year in 2018 for you and Lori.

Jenah & Mike from Vegas – Amazing coaching clients. Love your can-do, get-it-done now attitudes. Here's to a huge year for VORE and your family in 2018.

Chris Dufey & Lauren Dufey – So much love for you. Thanks for the visit to CafĂ© Gratitude and looking forward to your big move to Cali in 2018.

Steve Weatherford – You sir, are a force of nature.

All my new friends that I met at our 6th annual Toys for Tots event in Denver ... you know who you are!

And I'm also going to cheat and thank a few friends that I reconnected with after many, many years...

Justin Goff – Thanks for being at the Retreat and looking forward to some adventures in 2018.

Chris Haddad – Thanks for the great conversation at my event and the follow-up call. I learned a lot from your journey and appreciate you sharing your wisdom.

Luka Hocaver – My man! Inspired by you everyday on IG and in the gym. Lots to learn from you in 2018. Thanks for dominating the scene and showing Ferruggia how to live life right. 

Phil Caravaggio – Our brief end-of-the-year conversation was one of the highlights of my year. Looking forward to dialing in some coaching ideas with you in 2018.

Finally, my list of interesting people that I want to connect with in-person in 2018...

Joel Zimmerman (Amy Sessions Ledin - need your help)
Nicole Moudaber
Tony Robbins
Sara Blakely
The Rock 
Peter Diamandis 
Molly Pittman (any friend of Rob Hanly & Laura Hanly is a friend of mine!)
Jayson Gaignard (can't believe we still haven't met even though you just live down the road, ha!)
Michael Hyatt (the man is a Systems Genius... definitely need to learn more from him)
Justin Trudeau (would make for an interesting podcast guest!)

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